How to start a successful small business


  • 1 Do research on project idea
  • 2 Prepare the business plan
  • 3 Project financing
  • 4 Keep all matters legal
  • 5 Promote the project
  • 6 References

Doing research on the project idea

Some people have ideas for a small project , and you must make sure that this project can be done and succeeded, by researching and verifying the idea through a set of steps to make sure that the idea will succeed or not before starting the application, and for any project to succeed, it must meet a need, or solve An existing problem, or to provide something to the market, and it can be confirmed that there is a need for this project through research, experiment, and determining whether there is any need for the product or service that the project will provide, potential customers, and any potential competitors, and the way in which the project will be introduced to the market. [1]

Preparing the business plan

The business plan must be prepared by writing the details about how to start working until the final product is reached, and it can be prepared by following the following steps: [2]
  • Title page : Start writing the name of the project, which may seem easy to choose, but one of the most difficult things.
  • Executive summary : What the plan contains, is summarized by writing a description of the company, the problem, and the solution the company will work on.
  • Job description : This is in order to determine the type of work the project will do and its future expectations.
  • Marketing Plan : Determine which markets to target, and how best to sell products or services.
  • Competitors Activity Analysis : Identifying competitors' strengths and weaknesses, and how to overcome them.
  • Design planning and development : determining the product to be worked on, the way it can be developed, as well as creating a budget for the product.
  • Management and operations : the mechanism of action.
  • Funding : Knowing the sources of financing, when they will be available, and their quantity.

Project financing

Most projects need financing unless they are managed from home, and financing can be obtained through relatives, friends, or banks, and the ability to financial risk must be evaluated, and knowing that there is no specific amount for that, but his knowledge helps to remain in a position Good, and he knows how to act when things get off course. [3]

Keep all things legal

The issue of licenses and legal matters may take some time in the beginning, but it will save a lot of time in the long run, so all licenses must be obtained to operate the project, work in a specific area, in addition to the need to pay taxes in time, and commitment to read the regulations in the work field, You can also consult a lawyer about the best commercial structure for the project. [3]

Promote the project

After starting work, the project owner looks to attract clients and customers, and this can be done through setting a marketing plan or distinguished selling offers, and to promote better and more effectively, you can see the marketing ideas of other companies. [1]

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