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Capital (English: Capital) is all financial assets that are deposited into bank deposit accounts. It also forms the physical components of the work environment , such as production equipment, machines, buildings and other components, [1] and capital is defined as the money invested in a field Such as starting a new product, or buying a financial share of a company’s shares , and the flow of capital in various investments is an important component of economic growth. [2] Another definition of capital is money used to start a business or apply a financial investment, and capital constitutes all property that is within the ownership of individuals or companies. [3]

The project

The project (in English: Project) is a planned activity to be completed within a specified time period, in order to contribute to the achievement of a specific goal, [4] and the project must contribute to the production of cash flows at rates that lead to cover its financing debts. [5] Another definition of the project is that it is a task that requires a lot of effort and time, in order to use the money to contribute to local development . [6]

How to start a project without capital

Many people seek to start their own projects, and they may face a problem in not having enough capital to implement them, but it is possible to start many projects, commercial and service activities without the need for capital, and here comes a set of tips that help in implementing these projects:
  • Starting a project with a well-known field: It is the project owner's thinking about the most things he can master by relying on his skills, knowledge, and personal experience to contribute to laying the first foundations of the project, and thus the owner of the project does not depend on the use of consultants and planners for projects. [7]
  • Selling and providing services: It is relying on selling services instead of products that are manufactured or need production . Service projects based on the personal skills of the project owner help to achieve profits without the need for capital, such as providing financial auditing services to companies, and depends on the excellence of the owner The project with advanced accounting skills. [8]
  • Benefiting from free or low-cost services: It is the project owner's use of websites that provide free services to introduce the project and advertise its products and services. It is also possible to rely on these services to build a private company , which contributes to the development of the project over time. [8]
  • Preparing for crowding in the market : it is the willingness of the project owner to implement the arduous and necessary works; with the aim of starting the project implementation without capital, he must allocate all his skills and capabilities to make the project's works successful, and ensure the provision of permanent contact with customers, and follow up on financial bills, accounting matters, and all Part of the project. [7]

Project ideas without capital

There are a lot of ideas suitable for applying various projects without the need for any capital , and these projects need to provide the appropriate skill and experience for the owner or owners of the project, which contributes to achieving the required goals, and here comes a set of project ideas that can be applied without capital: [9]
  • Implementation of electronic web activities : is the use of the Internet to publish electronic content, and is supported by a set of ads in order to market them in the required work environment . There are many activities ideas that can be applied across the web, such as providing advisory services in the field of economics , or applying trade Online , or other projects that can be implemented online.
  • Providing media consultations: It is one of the appropriate projects for media experts , as it uses the media specifically, which is based on the Internet, with the aim of helping the owners of companies to advertise the services and products of their companies, and this process requires a long time that pays the owners of companies to search for the owners of media consulting projects; Their company media.
  • Providing services to consumers: It is one of the projects that provide services to individuals in exchange for a financial wage. Many individuals search consumers for people who help them to implement some of their own things, in exchange for paying them money, and examples of these services are: cleaning houses, or arranging A wedding, or gardening .
  • The development of electronic applications for phones: it is one of the successful projects, and depends on the owner of the project having experience in the manufacture of electronic applications, as the applications that are offered on mobile phones achieve a lot of financial profits, especially after selling them to the target customers.

Errors when starting a project

Many errors that individuals commit when they start a new project appear, especially if it does not depend on the availability of capital , it is important to be careful to avoid these mistakes, in order to ensure the success of the project in achieving its own goals, and here are a set of examples of these errors: [10]
  • Bypassing the business plan : It is one of the mistakes that employers commit; because they think that the business plan can be easily overlooked, it is easy for the business owner to be enthusiastic about the project idea, but it may fail to apply the appropriate business model, so owning a business is not for vulnerable people.
  • Misjudgment of project launch time: It is the failure to choose the appropriate time to open the project, which leads to problems during its opening. Therefore, it is important to plan for at least ten days, before preparing to determine the official time for opening the project.
  • Not relying on adequate financial solvency: It is one of the mistakes committed by most owners of projects that need capital. Some of them start their projects without the availability of sufficient money to pay off debts, and provide sufficient funds that support the start of the project. [11]

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