How to make taro


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  • 2 Prepare taro with vegetables
    • 2.1 Ingredients
    • 2.2 How to prepare
  • 3 Prepare taro with meat
    • 3.1 Ingredients
    • 3.2 How to prepare
  • 4 Taro video with meat


Taro is considered a kind of tropical perennial plant, and it is a summer agricultural crop. It is a group of mites and tubers, which is the most cultivated in the world, and the oldest on a large scale. It is also considered a staple food for some countries in Africa and Asia. It is very green and large in size, and sometimes it is cultivated for decoration, in which case it is called the elephant's ears. Taro contains many nutrients beneficial to the human body, such as potassium and magnesium , as well as methods of cooking, and here we show you how to prepare taro with meat, and taro with vegetables.

Preparing taro with vegetables

the ingredients

  • Taro seeds, depending on the quantity.
  • salt.
  • Mixed spices.
  • Three cups of water.
  • Onion, large size.
  • Corn oil.
  • black pepper.
  • garlic.
  • green coriander.
  • A quarter of a butter cake.

How to prepare

  • We prepare taro kernels, then wash them and dry them well, then peel and cut them into medium cubes.
  • Chop the onion into small pieces, put a little oil in a frying pan and stir well over a low heat.
  • We add taro, water, and onion to the pan.
  • Add salt, black pepper, and spices to the taro, and cover them well until done.
  • We prepare the garlic, wash it and cut it into small pieces.
  • We prepare a small frying pan, then put the butter in the pan and melt it, then add the green coriander, then the garlic, and stir it until it melts, and the garlic is browned.
  • Add the coriander mixture to taro, and cover it until done well.
  • We pour taro in suitable dishes, along with rice, or with bread.

Prepare taro with meat

the ingredients

  • For a meat broth.
  • Medium onion, finely chopped.
  • Two tablespoons of ghee.
  • 1 tablespoon of ground garlic.
  • Two cups of tomato juice .
  • salt and pepper as needed-.

How to prepare

How to prepare taro
  • We wash taro well before we peel it, then dry it well.
  • Cut the taro into cubes, and make sure the knife is dry to prevent the sticky material from leaving the taro.
  • Soak taro in boiling water to which lemon juice is added for an hour, then rinse it with water until we get rid of the sticky substance and then filter it well.
  • We put taro in the meat soup in a bowl over the heat until it is overheard.

How to make the sauce
  • We put the onions with margarine in a pot on the fire.
  • We keep stirring until it becomes light yellow.
  • Add a spoonful of crushed garlic to the onions and stir until the garlic becomes yellowish.
  • Add the tomato juice to the previous mixture, and also add salt and black pepper to it.
  • Cover the pot until the mixture thickens and the fat begins to appear on the face.
  • Put the taro in a mold, then put it in the oven and add all the ingredients to each other and serve hot.

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