How to make the house smell nice

Beautiful house smell

The sense of smell is one of the most important senses related to human feelings, as breathing clean air and a fresh smell affects positively the person’s psychological state, as studies have shown that seventy-five percent of human feelings are stimulated by the sense of smell, such as the smell of baked cakes that were prepared by the mother who drives the memory and makes the human feel Nostalgic, or the smell of clean clothes that may make people feel refreshed and energized.

Getting a fresh and beautiful home scent is one of the things that all housewives seek, and this is easy to implement if you implement the steps that we will mention to you in this article.
  • Lavender water: Prepare your lavender spray to spray it on the sheets and the pillowcases to get a beautiful scent and at the same time help to relax and sleep easily, mix a quantity of medicinal alcohol and a few drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle, and spray the fabrics and kennels with this solution whenever you call it the need.
  • Perfumed candles: Using perfumed candles is an easy way to perfume the home, and use fresh and mild scents such as vanilla or citrus to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
  • House cleaning with aromatic detergents: Use detergents that contain beautiful-smelling perfumes, whether they are floor cleaners or detergents that are used to wipe dust.
  • Perfumed bags: The use of fragrant bags that are sold on the market and put them in clothes drawers and towels gives them a pleasant aroma. There are a group of perfumed balls in the scents of lavender or vanilla.
  • Orange and Clove Freshener: Prepare a home softener using oranges and cloves, peel the oranges, place the cloves in different places of oranges and put them in the kitchen or in the sitting room, and the pleasant smell will last for two weeks.

Cotton balls: Buy cotton balls from the pharmacy and also buy an aromatic oil with a beautiful smell. Put a few drops of oil on each of the cutting balls and place them in different places in the house, home of seat cushions or in decorative plates on the tables or in the room and kitchen cabinets Or even in the bathroom.
  • Indoor plant placement: Use home plants such as jasmine and gardenia to give the house a beautiful and fresh scent throughout the day.
  • To get rid of the bad smell of the fridge: Put a natural butter of oat (unsweetened or added to any taste), and the oats absorb the unpleasant smells of the refrigerator naturally and lock up smells inside, but do not forget to throw oats after you finish using it.

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