How to make a blindfold

How to make a blindfold
Al-Maasoub: It is a Yemeni food, and it descends from the city of Hadhmut in particular. This food was also famous in Saudi Arabia for its delicious and desirable taste. Learn more in Saudi Arabia and other countries, and this is the Yemeni Hadrami method for preparing the Masoub food:
Ingredients and Ingredients:
  • A kilo of dates
  • 5 cups of red flour (mainland)
  • Half a cup of crushed hewan (a kind of herb known in Yemen, particularly in Hadramawt)
  • A little sesame oil or olive oil might do the trick.
  • A cup of powdered sugar (powder)

How to prepare: Boil the dates in a saucepan for a period not exceeding half an hour if it is soft and moist, and more than that in the case that the dates were, and do not forget to add a little water to him a little whenever he needs water to become soft, and then we filter the dates after it cools To get rid of the peel of dates and seeds (cores), then add the crushed hidwan to the flour and mix them well, then knead them with filtered fruit to form a moist dough, and then we put these ingredients in a deep saucepan and seal them tightly, and we put this pot inside a larger pot that is full of water, and it should not be The bottom of the small pot comes into contact with the bottom of the larger pot, and is left on fire for hours Until an hour and a half, and the mixture was stirred every Ra an hour until it became dark brown in color, and thus the blindfold had ripened .. How to serve the blindfold: We put in the serving plate some mature blindfold and work in the middle of it a hole and pour the oil in it, and put in another dish the ground sugar or can be sprayed On the face of the blindfold and eaten with fresh bread ...

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