How to keep your scent beautiful


  • 1 How to keep the body smell beautiful
  • 2 How the smell of clothes remains beautiful
  • 3 reasons for an unpleasant smell
  • 4 References

How does body odor stay beautiful

There are some methods that must be followed to obtain a fragrant scent for the body, including: [1]

  • Avoid eating foods that contain sugars: Do not eat foods that contain a high content of sugar, meat, and whole milk products, spices, and fenugreek that cause the appearance of an unwanted smell of sweat.
  • Drink herbal tea on a daily basis: like ginger, because it is effective in getting rid of toxins in the body and getting a beautiful smell of sweat .
  • Eat leafy vegetables for at least one week: Including celery, where it works to make the body smell beautiful and likable.
  • Drink enough water per day: It is preferable to eat no less than two liters of water per day, to get rid of toxins for the skin and body, and remove waste through sweating, and water can be mixed with some of the rose water to obtain a beautiful body scent.
  • Apply baby powder directly to the body after bathing: Applying some of the baby powder to the wet body and gently rubbing it to dry will enhance the fragrant scent.

How the smell of clothes remains beautiful

There are some steps that must be taken to remove the smell of unpleasant clothes, and to make them smell beautiful and lovable, including: [2]
  • Keeping the clothes clean: wearing the same clothes continuously causes the appearance of the unwanted smell, and these clothes must be stored separately from the rest of the clean clothes, in order to prevent the appearance of the unpleasant smell of the rest of the clothes, and the clothes that show the smell of sweat must be cleaned directly.
  • Putting scented detergents on clothes: Put the recommended amount of beautifully scented scents onto clothes to protect them from the appearance of unpleasant odors.
  • Quickly remove the cleaned clothes from the washing machine: After washing the clothes, they must be removed directly from the washing machine, because leaving the clothes in the washing machine for a long time, makes it smell bad, and this problem can be eliminated by placing one cup of white vinegar , and washing the clothes again.

Reasons for the appearance of bad smell

Unwanted odor appears due to some of the reasons, including: [3]
  • Lack of personal hygiene care: Lack of hygiene, and not changing clothes on a daily basis, cause the appearance of unpleasant smell.
  • Exposure to sunlight: There are some of the actions a person performs under direct sunlight, which results in the appearance of an unwanted smell.
  • Eat foods that contain spices and spices, and drink coffee and alcohol: These foods that contain spices, onions, garlic, caffeine drinks, and alcohol cause an unpleasant smell.

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