How to get strong


  • 1 physical strength
    • 1.1 Eat a healthy diet
    • 1.2 Doing sports
  • 2 mental strength
    • 2.1 Goal Setting
    • 2.2 Mind training
  • 3 References

Stronge fatness

Eat healthy food

A person should strive to strengthen his physical and physical health by following a healthy diet that includes eating lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes instead of eating fried potato chips, sweets, and processed meats; [1] where Healthy eating helps supply the body with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that give the person a better feeling, provides him with a lot of energy, and helps him to relieve stress. [2]

Healthy eating is one of the best things that can be adhered to in order to prevent and combat many health problems, such as: heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. [2] It is worth noting here that the body must be hydrated by Drink a quantity ranging from eight to ten cups of water per day, because it does not contain any calories unlike other drinks that contain many calories. [1]

Playing sports

Maintaining physical activities and exercise helps build a strong and healthy body, for example through regular exercises in the vessels and the heart to improve physical ability and burn more calories. Examples of exercises that can be practiced: weight lifting exercises; to build muscle , Increasing metabolism, walking on gyms, jogging, and outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain climbing, rowing, and other activities and sports. [1]

Mental strength

Setting goals

The brain and the human mind naturally tend to achieve goals, and a person usually gains more confidence in his ability to succeed after achieving each goal, for example a person can set a short-term administrative goal of continuous work for half an hour without running around by phone, or answering all Mailing messages at a specified time, or a major goal is to lose twenty kilograms of weight. [3]

Mind training

It is advised to make sure to train the mind to see positive and negative things, because the human mind naturally tends to focus on negative things, and give it importance in contrast to what it does with positive matters, and Dr. Heidi Ryder has indicated that studies show that negative events affect people five times more than Positive events, while they should also focus on the positive things that happen with them; for example: instead of saying: (I have made myself a fool in front of everyone), it can be said: (I understand that my team is a human being, which will strengthen our relationship together). [4]

A person can train his mind to see things in all their negative and positive aspects in times of calm by remembering the difficult events that he faced in his life, and remembering the things that later turned into positive matters; this helps to build a reflexive ability to see upcoming problems as challenges rather than looking at them As disasters. [4]

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