How to buy stocks

Are you looking for additional income? The intuitive answer to this question often attracts people with modest incomes, and makes them drift behind any opportunity that someone might derive from any additional income that helps them with the increased life obligations.
In fact, this is the beginning of most stock exchange dealers, whether the financial market represented by the Amman Stock Exchange or any internal stock exchange for any country or the global market or the so-called Forex (which is trading currencies, metals and oil).
Let's take the Amman Stock Exchange for example and share trading, which was witnessing a wide turnout of people before the end of 2009, and most of them did not exceed the value of their financial portfolios ten thousand dinars, and what happened to them, and what is the reason behind that?

The Amman Stock Exchange is a market like any market in which goods and commodities are sold and bought, and here are the securities (stocks), which represent a share in the capital of any company listed on the Amman Financial Market, according to the different type of company, whether a public or private joint stock company or any other type of Companies listed on the financial market.
People monitor the prices of companies ’shares and wait for them to rise slightly to achieve some profit. The vast majority do not know any real information about these companies, not even what their products or location are or who are members of their board of directors. All that matters is from the person who buys or sells the largest amount of The shares of this company, is he a reliable businessman and has his position in the market or just a passerby.
Here the problem lies as the rumors that the traders themselves release are actually those who raise or lower the value of shares and increase the demand or offer to a specific company, knowing that the Amman Stock Exchange provides information and forces companies to announce any administrative or financial moves or deals under the name of company disclosures but few Who benefits from this information. Consequently, the financial market whose pioneers depend on rumors and leave the financial information that must be studied and built upon is dealing with the shares of a particular company or leaving it, I do not expect to recover, until traders are aware of the fact and the importance of someone making a decision to buy or sell based on confirmed information he is looking for. Himself far from recommending a colleague, friend or even an employee of a brokerage company.
We must mention that the result of the ill-considered trading of clients of the financial intermediation companies on the Amman Stock Exchange was the exit of more than 34 thousand small and medium clients from the financial market and the stock index fell to nearly 2000 points after it exceeded the barrier of 5400 points. So far, the market has not been able to recover from the 2008 crisis despite the recovery of most other sectors.
There is a saying by a Jordanian economics professor that the volume of cash and global liquidity is increasing (that is, the size of the printed banknote in all currencies far exceeds the size of the damaged banknote), yet liquidity is decreasing in the hands of people, companies and even countries. In short, the funds are collected by a certain group of people with a deliberate mechanism and advance planning for the goals of most of us knowing it. If achieving profits and making money was as easy as some people think, would the big capital owners have left it !!

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