How to buy and sell stocks


  • 1 Purchase of shares
    • 1.1 Searching for information
    • 1.2 Earnings per share
  • 2 Selling shares
  • 3 fundamentals of stock trading
  • 4 share orders or requests
  • 5 References

Purchase of shares

search for information

The availability of accurate and sound information on companies and organizations would facilitate the decision-making process of buying shares from them; therefore, we find that the availability of information that confirms the strength of the company's position in the market is more important than any other factor that may contribute to the success of the stock purchase process, including a factor The time, knowing that there are many sources through which the required information about organizations can be obtained, and the most successful way to achieve the required success in the stock market is to invest with the goal of growth as well as the goal of value at the same time, where in this case the focus is on the largest portion of stocks, It is kept for a long time Night ranges from three to ten years, and you can reach more than that. [1]

Earnings per share

It is recommended that companies with a profit growth policy be chosen to achieve the required goals of the stock purchase process, which will again use a large share of these profits to increase the growth of the various businesses, and then a comparison process is made with one dividend with all dividends, then invest the part Unpaid to shareholders of the organization again. [1]

Selling shares

A specific date must be chosen to sell the shares that were purchased, as this is the first and most important step to follow after buying the stock, because refusing to make a decision to sell for any reason puts the investor in the direction of decline, especially in the case of long-term investment , due to commissions and taxes. That affect profits and gains in the end. [1]

The foundations of stock trading

Stock trading is considered a business that enhances the individual's ability to achieve material independence, as this activity can be practiced as a domestic work, bearing in mind that this work entails many financial risks, therefore it is necessary to employ mental capabilities and planning skills that will achieve success What is required, and accordingly, the main foundations of home trading in shares are as follows: [2]
  • Ensure that debts are paid regularly, as they increase pressure and tension, which negatively affects decision-making during the stock trading process.
  • Establish a fund for trading stocks, and work to open a bank account for that, as there must be a fund separate from savings, which guarantees a kind of financial security that can be used by the family.
  • Formulating a strategy for stock trading, and it is imperative to choose the appropriate investment strategy for the share, which in turn includes all the information that helps in the proper selection of shares, and the appropriate dates for buying and selling.
  • Browse financial journals on a daily basis, either by purchasing them or by browsing the resources available on the Internet, in order to obtain the latest daily financial information about the conditions that directly affect the investment.
  • Create a special account for deals and benefit from the discount on the Internet.
  • Determine business budgets.

Stock orders or requests

Before starting work and investing in the field of buying and selling stocks, investors must know a set of different orders, the most prominent of which are the following: [3]
  • Market system: where the market system indicates orders to buy and sell immediately when there are the best possible prices, knowing that this system is not related to prices in any way, but it is able to execute orders immediately, and this system is good for investors who want to make purchases without any delay.
  • Stopping the system: or as it is called the market stopping, or stopping the loss of buying and selling, and this is considered one of the orders that benefit the investors.

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