How to be a successful salesman


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Sales or sale: It is the process of providing customers with the goods and services that they want, and ensuring that they are satisfied, and earning their trust, and the person who sells is called the seller, and he must be characterized by honesty in saying and good dealing with customers, to maintain that they come to his place of work permanently. [1]

Qualities of a successful salesman

Buying and selling is the two main components of the art of marketing, so a successful seller will be an artist in his work, able to increase the number of his customers, and maintain his good reputation among people, so when he possesses the talent in doing business with customers he will gain the status of success, and in the event that an employee contributes to his success in making His manager, or work official, is able to accomplish it efficiently, to give him an opportunity to get a reward for his effort in selling. [2]

How to be a successful salesman

In order for a man to be successful in sales related to his work, he must adhere to several things, and maintain their application, which are: [3]
  • Tact in dealing with customers: The first key in the success of a salesman is his tact in dealing with customers, when he is tactful and good with them, and is able to interact with their requests and their different natures, then he can succeed in marketing the goods and services that he specializes in, and then he can Successfully sold to people.
  • The ability to negotiate: The salesman encounters many people who start negotiating about the price of the commodity they want to buy, and he must make sure that he negotiates them in a successful way, and achieve the required profit, from selling without affecting the price of the product, while maintaining the customer's desire to purchase, For example: Some customers refrain from buying a particular commodity because of its price, even though they want to obtain it, and the role of a successful salesman comes in the ability to sell the commodity to them, while achieving profit and gaining their satisfaction with him and his work.
  • Intuitive Speed: A successful salesman is characterized by an intuitive speed, so he must have all the information and details related to the good or service that he provides to clients, because of his exposure to many questions, especially if the product was recent, and is unknown in the market, and includes the ability to answer questions Different customers achieve a good percentage of the profit, and also contributes to the marketing of the product easily, due to the adequacy of information available about it by the salesman.
  • Personal strength: The strength of the personality that the salesman must be characterized by, it must be within the required limits, that is, he is not nervous, and angry in his dealings with customers, and that he does not respond to them in a provocative manner, but rather the strength of the personality of the successful salesman, is related to his confidence in himself, And his ability to deal with all the circumstances surrounding him, and with all customers, in order to ensure the success required of him in his work.
  • Providing assistance to customers: The role of the salesman is not limited to selling only the commodity, but he must work to provide assistance to customers in the event that they request them, for example: When the salesman works to sell one of the commodities consisting of several parts, in case the customer asked him to help him in a statement Installing it, he must provide possible assistance to him, and explain the steps that help him complete it well, when he takes her to his home, and thus he can be a successful and permanently salesman.

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