How to be oil in the ground


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How to create oil in the ground

Algae, plants and plankton lived on the bottom of the shallow seas for millions of years and after its death it mixed with organic materials and sediments on the bottom and was buried with high pressure and heat with the absence of oxygen completely, and with the passage of time the seas dried out so that only dry basins remained, and with all these conditions transformed Organic matter to a waxy substance called kerogen. [1]

The kerogen subjected to more heat and pressure, which led to its transformation into hydrocarbons or fossil fuels. Hydrocarbons are a chemical substance that consists of hydrogen and carbon. There are different forms of this substance, such as coal, peat, natural gas, and oil. [1]

Information about oil

Oil or so-called petroleum is a fossil fuel that is found in the ground in its raw natural form and is either as light as gasoline or as dense as tar and is either green or black in color. The oil is found in almost all parts of the world but is concentrated in large quantities in certain countries Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. [2]

Crude oil is extracted from the underground petroleum tanks using giant drilling machines, and it is processed and refined to make major and important materials in human life such as gasoline, tires and anesthesia materials, and oil is considered a non-renewable energy energy. Once it is extracted and used it cannot be replaced, therefore it is very important Find alternatives to it. [1]

Crude oil refining process

During the refining process, the different hydrocarbon molecules that make up the oil are separated. This process is divided into three main sections: separation, transformation, and treatment. [3]

After being extracted, crude oil is transported directly to the factories to be purified into important petroleum products , and then to the merchants and end consumers or to retailers such as petrol stations or companies that provide heating oil to homes. [4]

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