How to be beautiful


  • 1 Preserve the skin
  • 2 exercise
  • 3 Smile
  • 4 self-care
  • 5 Develop a positive self-image
  • 6 References

Preserving the complexion

Many men believe that skin care is associated with soap, shaving cream, and razor only, and they may be concerned about taking care of their skin, although they need a routine to care for their skin just like women, and in general the skin of men is thicker and less prone to irritation, but they are exposed to wrinkles, fine lines and spots Dark on their skin more than women, [1] and in order to keep their skin intact, it is necessary to adhere to the application of sunscreen, and use a lotion that removes dirt and oils in excess of the face, and it is advised to use a non-perfumed moisturizer that moisturizes the skin to maintain its radiance and attractiveness . [1]

Doing exercise

Exercise maintains beauty and radiance, increases skin glow, [2] and prevents weight gain, because participating in physical activities leads to burning calories, so it is advised to go to sports clubs regularly, and increase body activity by increasing movement during Today. [3]

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