How to add an account in the Play Store


  • 1 How to add an account in the Play Store
  • 2 How to download Play Store apps to your computer
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How to add an account in the Play Store

A person who wants to use Google 's application store or what is known as Google Play can download various applications or even purchase them by adding a Google account on the user's mobile device. The following steps can be added to add one or even multiple accounts on Google: [ 1]
  • Clicking on the English menu settings Settings in Haaz user.
  • Clicking on the Accounts menu on the screen.
  • Choose the option Add account , and then choose the type of account, here is a Google account.
  • Begin the process of setting up the new account by following the instructions provided.
Note: You can add another Google account by re-performing the previous steps again.

How to download Play Store applications to your computer

It is possible to download applications on the Google Play Store to a personal computer and away from the use of the Android operating system, through the use of the BlueStacks program , as follows: [2]
  • Download the BlueStacks program , then click the Continue button .
  • Select the App store access and App notifications options .
  • Click on the Install button , then run the BlueStacks program after the installation is complete.
  • Click on the search icon indicated with the pure zoom lens at the top of the program screen.
  • Choose the name of the program to be installed on the computer by writing its name and then clicking on the " Find" button .
  • Install the required program by clicking on the Install button next to the application to be installed.
  • Enter the user’s Google Account details or even create a new account by following the steps shown in the screen.
  • Click on the Google Play icon to download any applications from this store, and then click on the Accept button if requested.
  • Click on the Download button and then select the Accept and Download option .
  • Return to the BlueStacks program list by clicking on the esc button more than once, then clicking on the My Apps button and then launching the required program that appears under the list of downloads for the program.

What is Google play

Google Play is defined as a store for applications that run on the Android operating system, and this store allows its users to download these applications and access them through the Play Store program. This store contains many types of applications such as games, movies, even e-books and other applications. [3]

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