How the heater works


  • 1 preheater coil
    • 1.1 Heater coil components
    • 1.2 How to prepare a preheater roll
  • 2 Rough Vegetable Salad
    • 2.1 Ingredients
    • 2.2 How to prepare
  • 3 Nutritional information of heated coils
  • 4 Snake bread
  • 5 Heater video

Convector coil

The Muhammar, or what is known as the heater, is considered a Jordanian and Palestinian heritage, and the ingredients of this meal came from the agricultural environment in the Levant, where it consists of: grilled chicken with onions, pepper, sumac, olive oil, and fried pine nuts, and is usually served on tabun bread, and this will be presented The article is a new way to make a heater in rolls with baking traps.
Duration of preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Quantity: 10 people
the level: Easy

Heater coil components

  • One kilogram of pulled chicken breast.
  • Half a kilogram of onions, equivalent to two and a quarter cups.
  • Bread (shrak).
  • Half a cup of sumac.
  • A cup and a half of olive oil .
  • A teaspoon of black pepper.
  • A teaspoon of salt .

How to prepare a preheater roll

  • Place the chicken breast in a saucepan over the fire and add water to it.
  • Leave the chicken breast over the heat until cooked, then remove from heat and leave to cool, then crumble.
  • Chop the onions into wings, then fry in a saucepan with half a cup of oil until wilted.
  • Add sumac over the onions, then crumb chicken and fry well, then add spices and salt.
  • Leave the filling of chicken and onion on the heat with stirring constantly for five minutes, then remove the saucepan from the heat.
  • Loaves of bread are divided into four sections in the form of triangles.
  • Placed inside each piece of bread two tablespoons of filling, making sure to always grease the bread with oil, and wrapped in the form of funnel, taking into account the closure of the bottom.
  • Heater sandwiches are placed in a tray greased with olive oil, and enter the oven until the sandwich surface has browned.
      • You can replace the chicken with minced meat with a few peas and grated carrots.

Coarse vegetable salad

the ingredients

  • lettuce.
  • Two tablets of cucumber.
  • Two tomatoes.
  • A small bean of green pepper.
  • A small bean of red pepper
  • A small bean of yellow pepper.
  • Two tablets of lemon.
  • One grain of radish.
  • One small onion.
  • Two tablespoons of boiled corn.
  • parsley.
  • A teaspoon of salt, cumin, and sumac, as desired.
  • A teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil.

How to prepare

  • Cut the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, all peppers, radishes, and onions into large pieces, then put them in a bowl and add the corn to them.
  • Grate a little lemon, and add to the chopped vegetables.
  • Lemon juice, salt, cumin, sumac, vinegar and olive oil are placed in a bowl, then mixed with each other until they are well smoothed, then poured over the vegetables.
  • Chop the parsley on the previous ingredients, then the salad is ready to serve.

Baking traps

It is a type of Arabic bread, where flour is baked with water and salt, the dough is thinner in a large circular shape, the diameter of which may reach more than a meter. It consists of one thin layer, then baked on a large hot metal piece called the tin. This bread is easy to digest and tasteful.
  • The name of the shraak bread is given in Jordan and is used in the popular dish (Mansaf) by placing it under rice, and also in the eating of sorghum where it is soaked with milk, and there are some Bedouins in Jordan who bake it daily.
  • The name of saj bread is given to the trap bread in Syria , and it is known to be made from whole wheat flour, and it is formed and baked on the tin stove; it is a loaf of large size, round bread, thin and delicious.
  • The name of the pirate is given to the trap bread in the Najd region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; it is also called because the loaf is of a circular shape like a disc. It is usually made from brown wheat flour (Al Barr).
  • It is called a kind similar to it by baking (al-Raqqak) or (al-Rakak) as it is pronounced in Iraq and prepared in a soft form, where every three or four loaves are placed on top of each other, and each loaf is left as it is to get stiff and the loaves are placed on top of each other until the need to use it, sprinkling a little of Water has to be softened and eaten after that.

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