How do you maintain the beauty of your hair


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Head hair

Hair is protein growths on the head, the color of which is due to the pigment melanin found in the scalp. The original hair color is white, but this pigment gives it color, and when the cells that produce the melanin pigment are affected by problems, the hair appears white. Hair growth is affected by the hormones produced by the thyroid gland, as it is affected by the ways in which it is taken care of, as it is the rest of the cells in the body need food and care. Every woman seeks shiny, healthy and attractive hair. [1]

Hair types

There are three types of hair: [2]
  • Dry hair: is characterized by its loss of luster and shine, and is subject to dehydration due to weak sebum secretions in the scalp.
  • Oily hair: it is very shiny due to the increase in secretions of sebaceous glands in the scalp, which makes it vulnerable to the appearance of dandruff.
  • Normal hair: It is characterized by equal fat percentage in the scalp, as it does not look shiny, nor dry.

Ways to preserve the beauty of hair

It is necessary for the lady to know the nature of her hair in order to choose proper and appropriate ways to care for her hair, including: [3]
  • Avoid sitting under air conditioners, because they cause great damage to the skin, and try to feed it with silicone spray before exposure to air conditioners.
  • A diet based on vegetables and fruits rich in important nutrients that reach the hair follicles through the blood circulation, and the most important of these foods: grains, nuts, fish, paper and beans.
  • Drink plenty of water to moisturize the body and hair, and stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Use warm water to wash hair to get rid of excess dirt and greasy discharge, and avoid hot water, because it leads to the complete elimination of fat.
  • Treat weak hair ends, cut them to increase their strength and germinate properly.
  • Avoid combing the hair immediately after washing, because it is weak and easy to split and break, and try to wash the hair twice a week as a maximum, because excess washing leads to dry hair and loss of moisture, and you must choose the appropriate type of shampoo.
  • Avoid hairdos that may damage hair, such as ponytails or braiding, as they cause hair to break.
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals, such as hair dyes, as it is preferable to use ammonia-free types.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and applying materials that contain a condom that prevents radiation from reaching it.
  • Put a little water on the hair before going down to the pool.
  • Using conditioner and oil suitable for the quality of hair .
  • Treating hair problems as soon as they arise and not neglecting them, so that they do not worsen and make it more difficult to solve them later.

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