How do I study math?


  • 1 Regular study
  • 2 Training and error review
  • 3 Applying mathematics in practice
  • 4 focus on principles
  • 5 Form a dictionary of terms
  • 6 References

Regular study

Study of mathematics needs to work hard and participate effectively in the educational process, and this depends on applying some steps that contribute to this; therefore, the student must constantly attend mathematics classrooms continuously, show interest and attention to what is explained, and take notes It is also necessary, and he must also continue studying at home by solving homework or organizing a regular study schedule, so that the study material does not accumulate only for the night of the exam. [1]

Training and error review

The study of mathematics does not depend only on listening. Rather, it requires continuous training on solving mathematical problems. The more a student increases from this training, the easier he will be to solve them in the exam, which helps to understand problems better. Each problem has its own characteristics, and it is important that problems be solved In more than one way, and in addition to this, it is necessary to review the causes of errors that the student may make while solving these problems. [2]

Practically applying mathematics

To get the most benefit from studying mathematics, it is not enough to be studied in an abstract way, but rather it can be applied to problems and situations that occur daily; this facilitates better understanding of mathematics, and examples include the application of the principle of probability in mathematics to the life situations a student is going through, so think mathematically With the possibility of its occurrence or not. [2]

Focus on principles

Mathematics contains many equations and principles, but memorizing these equations alone is not sufficient to develop the ability to use them in solving problems, but rather it requires the student to be able to understand the basic principle by which these equations and laws were found, when developing this ability with the student It will be easier for him to apply comfortably while solving mathematical problems. [3]

Form a dictionary of terms

Looking at the terms and vocabulary that are used in mathematics, it turns out that mathematics contains many special terms, in addition to many common terms that have a different meaning or use in the subject of mathematics, and to help the student himself to understand and understand each term and what it aims at can form what looks like a dictionary For these mathematical terms, include a definition for each term learned. [3]

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