How do I start trading?

We always hear the proverb that "trade is savvy", and from the reality of life, trade is an art and intelligence before we learned, this is the famous Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft Corporation says: I studied engineering at the university but I did not succeed and my friend succeeded and today I am the owner of the largest company in the world and my friend became an employee I have.

Therefore, we see that trade is primarily intelligent. Successful merchants must be fully aware of the situation surrounding it, invest everything surrounding it, and make something great out of nothing.
Another person living in the United States of America says: I was unemployed and one day while I was looking for work I found an advertisement in the newspaper asking for an employee working in cleaning the toilets of a hotel so I went immediately and entered the interview and passed it successfully and when I came to sign the contract one of the items in it was filling A box asking for e-mail, so I told them that I do not have an account on Hotmail, so it was only from them that they canceled the idea of ​​my employment and withdrew the contract and stopped the idea of ​​employing them because they needed an employee with an account on Hotmail.

I only had ten dollars, and while I'm sitting thinking of my trouble, and if a seller of strawberries is in front of me, I intend to buy the last ten dollars that I have of some strawberries for my children and the people of my house, and I bought strawberries and put them in front of me, and I am thinking of someone how to get a job and if I am surprised that one of them thought that I am a seller And he took the strawberries that I bought and put me twenty dollars in exchange for them. Strawberry and then I have a store and the store has become a chain store to become the largest strawberry dealer in the United States of America, and he continues laughing that one day while he was signing a big deal that the contracting company asked him for his personal email I answered that I do not have an account on Hotmail so the person surprised that he is from Strange that the owner of the largest companies
So there is no thousand B in the trade that can behaved to start your trade, use your mind in the beginning and the end, search around you for a useful thing that could be your start in the trade, and invest your assets and most importantly what you have of energy and skills, they are the guarantor of starting a good trade, And it has the ability to continue it.
No matter how happy you appear before you, surely you will not continue happy, you will suffer setbacks, I am not better than the most skilled merchants and owners of capital, and this is the year of trade, give yourself the certainty to continue the road, and the day will come when you become a merchant referred to as Lebanon.

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