How do I preserve the beauty of my nails


  • 1 nail care
  • 2 tips to preserve the beauty of nails
  • 3 foods that enhance the beauty of nails
  • 4 natural recipes to preserve the beauty of nails
    • 4.1 Coconut oil
    • 4.2 Apple cider vinegar
    • 4.3 Vitamin E oil
  • 5 References

Nail care

Everyone seeks beautiful fingernails to enjoy a beautiful and healthy shape, but their breakage hinders this, and weak and fragile nails that can be easily broken or cracked are a common problem affecting both men and women. There are three main factors that cause nail weakness: aging, frequent use of nail polish, and frequent exposure to water. The article will mention natural tips and ways to preserve the beauty of nails. [1]

Tips to preserve the beauty of nails

Caring for nails and preserving their beauty does not only mean putting nail polish on them and coloring them, but rather it is necessary to take care of them daily and maintain their strength and health, and this is done in several ways, including: [2]
  • Be sure to permanently clean and dry your nails after washing them.
  • Stop biting nails .
  • Skin care and the skin surrounding the fingernail, and to avoid biting or harming and moisturizing constantly.
  • Permanently moisturizing nails.
  • Clipping nails regularly.
  • Protect the nails by applying a layer of basic nail polish to them.
  • Apply a layer of basic (transparent) nail polish after applying colored nail polish, in order to protect it from flaking and to increase the period of its stay on the nails, as well as to add shine to it.
  • Take care to avoid peeling the nail polish.
  • Wear gloves when doing housework.
  • Avoid using gel and acrylic nails.
  • Cold nails in one direction.
  • Stop using water based nail polish.
  • Avoid using nail polish containing harsh and harmful substances.
  • Polishing and polishing nails.
  • Cut the nails and not allow them to grow excessively.
  • Choose a good quality nail polish remover.
  • Apply some natural recipes that strengthen the nails.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet .
  • Use acetone-free nail polish remover (Acetone).
  • Avoid rough sanding boards.
  • Clean the skin surrounding the fingernail of nail polish, which may sometimes remain stuck on it.

Foods that enhance the beauty of nails

There are many nutrients that can help to enhance and strengthen the beauty of nails and make them healthy and beautiful, and adding them to the diet in abundance will improve the health and strength of nails. In the following points some of them are mentioned: [3]
  • Protein- rich foods .
  • Red meat.
  • Berries.
  • Almonds .
  • walnut.
  • Shellfish.
  • the milk.
  • Eggs .
  • Salmon.
  • Brazilian nuts.
  • Coconut Oil.

Natural recipes to preserve the beauty of nails

There are many natural recipes that strengthen the nails and help to keep them beautiful and healthy. Here are some of them:

Coconut Oil

Works coconut oil on the nails nourish and strengthen, and in addition to this, it contains saturated fat helps to hydrate nails dramatically and prevent also being infected with any type of infections that may weaken them and is penalized. The following explains how to use coconut oil to strengthen and moisturize the nails: [1]
* Ingredients:
    • A quarter cup of warm coconut oil.
    • A small amount of lemon juice .
  • How to prepare:
    • The ingredients mentioned are well mixed together.
    • Nails are immersed in this mixture before going to sleep for up to 10 minutes. Gloves are preferred overnight, for best results.
    • This recipe is repeated once per day and for several weeks until the nails are strong and healthy.
  • Note : Warm coconut oil can be applied to all nails simply and massaged well with it for up to five minutes, because the massage stimulates the blood circulation in the nail, and it also contributes to excellent hydration. This method is repeated two or three times every day for several weeks until the nails become strong and healthy. It is also possible to mix olive oil with coconut oil to treat weakness problems in the nail.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains many nutrients important for nail health, such as vitamins, potassium, magnesium, Calcium, and iron. In addition to this, apple cider vinegar contains Malic acid and Acetic acid, which contribute to fighting infections that may affect the nail. Below is an explanation of how to use apple cider vinegar: [1]
* Ingredients:
    • A small amount of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar .
    • An equal amount of apple cider vinegar.
  • How to prepare:
    • The above ingredients are mixed together well.
    • Nails are immersed in this mixture for a few minutes, after which the skin surrounding the nail is massaged and pulled down.
    • This recipe is repeated only once per day, and within a few days the nails will become stronger and healthier.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil effectively moisturizes nails . In addition to this, it works to strengthen it and the skin layer surrounding the nails, which helps to nourish it. The following is an explanation of the method of use: [1]
* Ingredients: Vitamin E capsule .
  • How to prepare:
    • The capsule opens and oil is extracted from it.
    • Apply the oil to the nails before going to sleep, and massage them well for up to five minutes to stimulate blood circulation.
    • This recipe is repeated only once per day for one or two weeks.
  • Note: One capsule of vitamin can be taken every day as well, to double the benefit of this oil.

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