How do I know and understand myself


  • 1 What is a soul?
  • 2 How to know oneself
  • 3 The importance of self-knowledge
  • 4 References

What is the breath

God Almighty honored the human soul, and distinguished it from many other creatures that are not counted and counted, and God Almighty has sworn to it in his dear book, and he said: (And the soul and whatever it is) , [1] and because the soul has something of mystery, one of the wise said by: (know yourself ... then you realize , but all that is worthy of knowledge), and here lies the importance of self - human, and show its position , which must be placed where, standing where all the care and attention, appetite senescent and Chip hit by the gloom that neglected and treated with some cruelty, But if a person surrounds her with attention, happiness will land her journey and appear A lot of good. [2]

Inside, there are its own internal stimuli. If he knows and realizes the truth of these stimuli that motivate him and direct his actions from words and deeds, he can exploit those incentives to reach the desired goal. [3]

How to know oneself

A person's knowledge of himself needs from him a careful pause, and if he wants to know himself and his capabilities, he must take care of several things, including: [4]
  • Self-confidence : An individual must be confident of himself and his capabilities, and that he is a unique and unique person, who can do many good things for him and the other members of the community in which he lives, and that he is able to do things that many people are unable to do; he affects others in many ways that only others can master.
  • Appreciation of the many blessings: God Almighty created man, and bestowed upon him with various blessings, and from these blessings, the freedom to choose in the life that he lives, he did not force him to a certain style and style, but left him the freedom to think and speak, and to act in all his affairs, and when man realizes and knows The decision of his life is in his own hand and by his choice, and it is only he who controls the course of that life, he will know that the blessing of choice is what provides him with the process of controlling life, and makes him live the life of the free people without restrictions, so the choice will always be in his hand, and not in the hand of others.
  • Making a dream: It is good for a person to set dreams and aspirations for himself that he hopes to achieve, and seeks to do so with all his capabilities and capabilities, and it is nice to write this in a book or list in which he combines his dreams, and the aspirations that he aspires to.
  • He simply took things out and left thinking and preoccupation with something all the time: a person may disturb himself in a specific case, give her a lot of time, and begins to hold himself accountable if he is right or wrong in that matter, and begins to blame himself for the actions and actions he committed, in these cases, The best course of action is for a person to take things very simply, to leave his anxiety aside, and to forget the matter, for worrying about not accomplishing something will never bear fruit, and blaming oneself will never be fine.
  • The discovery of a person's talents: He sees what talents he excels at and mastered, and the skills here are not meant by the games that many people usually play, such as: swimming or hunting, but rather the skills that have a thing of depth, distinction and individuality, such as: acquisition skill New friendships, or the ability to make peace between people, or to have the ability to make others feel satisfied with themselves and their capabilities, so that they become attached to it in a large way, it is good for the individual to write and count his creative qualities, talents and capabilities, and put them in a paper and put them in a place He can see it daily, and doubtful Continuous, this command reminds the person that he is a wonderful individual, and he knows the reality of his abilities, so he knows himself well
  • Caring for oneself , and allocating a suitable time for it: That is because the life’s concerns are many and tiring, and a person may drown in the crowd of life, its concerns, and the crowding out of successive events, so he doesn’t care about himself, his psychological comfort, and his spiritual requirements. Set aside time to fish, lie in the sun and read an interesting book, or set aside a quiet time for a meal in a small romantic restaurant; caring for oneself is important, and individual self renews its energy, as it is necessary from time to time.
  • Knowing the internal motives: Ibrahim Al-Fiqi mentioned in his book the ten keys to success , that one of the most important ways to know the human person himself and his desires to accomplish things and actions is his knowledge of the psychological motives and motivations, its existence is important in making the person to work with more enthusiasm and greater energy, unlike the individual who works in His life is without internal motives, as his energy is lacking, and most of his thinking and interest are only negative things, and success and distinction are rarely ally, because his level of performance is in a clear deterioration, and Dennis Wheatley says in this: (The strength of our desires is controlled in our motives, and therefore in our actions. ), And And for Francis Bacon: (The human share is in his hands). [5]

The importance of self-knowledge

Some people may ask about the goal and purpose of knowing the person himself, his search for himself, and taking care of his abilities. Does he search for himself for the sake of knowledge, or for success, or for another purpose that was absent from him for long periods until he was struck by his forgottenness? Here a person sits with himself, to remember that the purpose of knowing the soul and the success that it achieves and striving for is the attainment of the glory of God Almighty, and the victory of its Paradise, glory be to Him, and if the person overlooks this path, it is due to the great preoccupation, and the large number of deeds and burdens that he places on his shoulders. God Almighty is the supreme goal of the actions that he performs and performs. [6]

Therefore, a person must evoke intent in every behavior he performs, and in every daily activity that he performs, then he finds sweetness in accomplishing works, because it has been transformed from ordinary works into means of bringing him closer to God Almighty, [6] The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (Rather, deeds are intended for intentions, but for every person who intends to do so, whoever immigrates him to a world afflicts her, or a woman who marries her, then she migrates it to what he has migrated to) . [7]

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