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Health promotion

The health and promotion of appropriate health education, permanent and continuous follow - up of the most important necessities of life, but depends upon the entire life, health , including environmental and human characteristics of the daily lives of the people and what links these characteristics of relationships, Kalmskn, security, functionality, and others, also include human related activities The positive impact on the health of individuals and groups, and their surrounding environment, while health promotion is: the process of enabling people to increase control and improve their health through preventive and curative methods at the same time, and health promotion in many ways and ways, and has great effects A time that benefits all societal fabric. [1]
  • ntary health campaigns from time to time, defines the goals of each campaign, such as doing a free medical day for general medicine, for example, and another for patients with diabetes and pressure, and others for teeth and eyes, and so on.
  • Follow-up and monitoring, especially with regard to serious epidemiological diseases, such as the hepatitis C virus of all kinds, HIV / AIDS and various cancer diseases.
  • Maintaining hygiene of all kinds, and carrying out hygiene campaigns at the community level, through schools, universities and others.

Health promotion effects

Health promotion effects include: [3]
  • Building an individual is a healthy and healthy building, the structure of which resists diseases, while providing an element of prevention.
  • Achieving comfort and happiness for individuals, as disease-free living is one of the foundations and pillars of happiness in life.
  • Resisting infectious diseases, limiting their spread and benefiting from the concept of quarantine.
  • Create a clean society free of various pathogens.
This, and in contrast to that, the neglect of health promotion in its various aspects and types, severe damage that pays all its consequences, and does not stop at the individual in a situation, where diseases spread and multiply in various kinds, and with them the cost of treatment increases, which affects the citizen and society alike. Proper health education, which starts from the family, then at school, and practicing it in a practical way in society, is a preventive health factor for most if not all diseases, and it is a general national responsibility that everyone should participate in practicing and bearing its consequences, which leaves its positive shadows on the fabric Patriotism, and full community security.

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