Health Ingredients


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Health Ingredients

Whether humans are rich or poor, the surrounding circumstances and atmosphere play a role as factors affecting the health of individuals and societies. Among the factors affecting this aspect, we mention the following: [1]
  • The economic level in society in general.
  • The surrounding environmental conditions, behaviors and attributes of the individual himself.
  • The rate of income and social status. The higher the average rate of income, and the person has a prominent position among the members of his community, the more he plays a role in raising his health level.
  • The educational level also makes a difference in the health level of individuals within a single community.
  • Correct environmental conditions such as clean drinking water and air, a healthy workplace, a safe house, a friendly surrounding community and other surrounding factors all affect the health level.
  • Social solidarity and the extent of family bonding and groups of friends, in addition to social customs, traditions and religious beliefs all play a vital role in the health level.
  • The genetic factor that determines the course of human life and its healthy level.
  • The behavior of the individual and his ability to adapt to the conditions of life, many behaviors represent effective factors in the health level such as (balanced food, exercise, smoking , drinking alcohol, how to deal with the stresses of life).
  • The level of health services provided by the state has a major impact in reducing the spread of infectious diseases.

Health tips and advice

People may experience a state of confusion about the nutritional methods used to maintain the level of health, so that some nutritionists may have conflicting views on this matter sometimes, but through this paragraph we will mention agreed nutritional advice on scientific grounds as follows: [2 ]
  • Not to drink drinks that are high in sugar.
  • Be sure to eat nuts.
  • Avoid eating ready-made foods and being sure to eat homemade meals.
  • Make sure to drink coffee.
  • Eat fish rich in meat and grease.
  • Get enough sleep every day.
  • Drink plenty of water, especially before eating any meal.
  • Not to overdo cooking or even burning.
  • Avoid bright lights before going to bed.
  • Provide vitamin D3 if there is less exposure to the sun.

The relationship between health and the environment

According to a study conducted by a team composed of meteorologists and medical fields, the effect of global warming has extended to our health situation in the future and contributes to increasing death rates to 150 thousand deaths and to 5 million disease cases every year, knowing that these numbers will double by the year 2030 AD And the scientists said that the effect of global warming affects differently from one region to another so that the biggest impact is concentrated on the poorest regions. [3]

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