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the colour grey

From a psychology perspective, gray is considered a neutral color, as neither white nor black, but rather it is the result of combining them together. Equally, gray is considered durable and stable, creating a sense of calm and composure, and relieves the chaos of the world, and it can also express suppression, calm and reservation, as it does not stimulate activity or renewal and excitement.

Gray properties

  • In terms of meaning and significance of colors, gray is boring, monotonous and sad on the one hand, and elegant and formal on the other hand, but it is never considered bright.
  • We can say about the character of gray as traditional, practical and reliable, as it is the color of maturity and responsibility (which can be likened to the gray color of the hair of the elderly), but it is not considered a center of attention.
  • It can lower the energy level, and not absorb any positive and new things to come.
  • Gray has a constant effect on other colors that it can match, so that it can reduce the intensity of the strength and brightness of the colors, and shine light on the light colors.
  • The use of gray in abundance, whether by wearing it or using it as a coating for the walls at home or in the workplace, brings sadness and frustration, and leads to unity and isolation, so it is better to add some other colors to reduce its negative impact, and most people do not pay much attention to gray, and it is often associated with men Business owners of gray suits.

What does gray represent?

  • Neutrality: Gray is neutral and impartial.
  • The middle solution: means stability between two different and opposite colors, that is, it takes the middle region, and does not go to the path of any side, neither white nor black.
  • Control: It is true that gray expresses calmness and discretion, but it has a fixed effect on the other colors surrounding it.

Gray color effects

  • Frequency: no preference for medium places, inability to make decisions.
  • Independence and impartiality: that is, it departs from feelings, as it appears indifferent and indifferent, cold and secluded.
  • Depression: It represents feelings of sadness and pessimism, and does not care for positive things that may be coming soon.
  • Unemotional: He avoids showing feelings to anyone.

Gray-linked attributes

  • Positive Attributes: Formal, Neutrality, Maturity, Intelligence, Classical, Stability, Style, Professionalism, and Calmness.
  • Negative traits: indecisive, non-emotional, apathy, boredom, sadness, depression, loneliness, isolation.

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