Elements of mental health in Islam


  • 1 Elements of mental health in Islam
  • 2 Zakat and mental health
  • 3 Fasting and mental health
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Elements of mental health in Islam

The belief in God Almighty is a basic principle of any therapeutic regimen in psychology from the Islamic point of view, man if away from his Lord, and weakened his relationship with his troubled effectiveness and has become has a lot of problems and concerns, and human usually if except himself faced his ideas intimidating, nor a solution to such Thoughts are only through faith, so many people with anxiety, fear, obsessive behavior, forced performance, and other forms of mental illness, are cured through faith psychotherapy, and the true and continuing happiness lies in the behavior of faithThe correct one, which is the scientific, systematic belief in the certainty of God Almighty, and it is in compliance with the teachings of his noble book, and his followers, his Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him. The complexity of the love of money and the like, and it is worth noting that belief in God Almighty if it is transmitted in the soul of a person from a young age, I earn him immunity against mental illness, so faith increases a person’s confidence in God, glory to Him, and from his ability to endure the hardships and hardships of life, and gives him peace, comfort Mindfulness, and happiness. [1] [2]

Zakat and mental health

Zakat is not only a financial system, it is a social, moral, and economic system, in addition to being an important religious worship , and the fact that a Muslim performing this worship acquires many good qualities, which makes him enjoy a mature personality together, including the elements of mental health, as it is a reason in Protection from anxiety and stress, and here are some of the features mentioned: [3]
  • Zakat saves it from selfishness and love of ownership, as evidenced by the hearts of the charitable ones of hatred and hatred.
  • Zakat purifies oneself from the meanings of miserliness and scarcity, and from the defilement of cruelty to the poor.
  • Zakat protects society from disintegration, the spread of individualism and selfishness in it, and the meanings of social solidarity are cultivated in it.

Fasting and mental health

Fasting is a protection against heart disease, spirit, and body, as it is a spiritual and psychological remedy if its intentions and secrets are taken into account, and fasting is a major school for self-purification and discipline, as it has many psychological benefits and benefits, including: the development of the human personality, where he becomes a mature, responsible person, and he gives him an opportunity To think about himself and enable him to find the balance that contributes to maintaining mental health for him, as he trains a person and enables him to control himself, and strengthens his determination and will, and relieves him of the different negative feelings that accompany mental illnesses, as patience is considered to refrain from eating and drinking, and the rest Practice During the day, Sat caused an increase in the patient's ability to resist symptoms, which contributes to an improvement in his health. [4] [5]

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