Definition of retail business


  • 1 retail business
  • 2 types of retail trade according to the marketing strategy
    • 2.1 Stores specialized in one brand
    • 2.2 Supermarkets
    • 2.3 Commercial complexes
    • 2.4 Internet retail business

Retail business

Retail trade, or what is also known as sectoral selling, is defined as the process of selling goods or goods in a specific place, through a store or through the mail, and in small and individual quantities for direct consumption by the buyer, usually the suppliers are individuals or companies, where he buys Merchandise merchandise and products in huge quantities by the producers or through wholesalers, then the merchant sells these goods in small quantities to the consumer in order to achieve profit and financial gain, and retail trade may take place in the public market through shops such as supermarkets or clothing stores, or in centers the shopping.

Types of retail trade according to the marketing strategy

Stores specialized in one brand

Or what is known internationally as a boutique, which is a brand-specific stores and shops that specialize in one area, and they are in small or large quantities according to the size and capacity of the place, and the strength and fame of the brand that is sold, in addition to the strength of the company that funds and promotes the goods.


Various places are available in these places and large quantities of goods, which usually contain goods at low prices, where the percentage of operation is relatively lower compared to other types of retail trade, as it provides self-service to customers and is very suitable for the residents who live in huge housing complexes.

Commercial complexes

It is what is known as being huge shopping centers that include a group of retail stores, it can also include selling food and entertainment products in addition to selling electronics and many other goods and services, and there is a difference in the centralization of these complexes from one place to another and from one country to another country, These complexes are widely available in the United States of America and East Asian countries compared to other countries around the world.

Online retail business

It is one of the types of retail trade in which technology is used to trade and deliver goods to consumers, as this is done through websites specialized in trade to sell all consumer requirements, and there are many of these famous sites such as Amazon or eBay, where the buyer can get the product Directly from the company that manufactures it, or through the wholesaler, this type of retail business is also ideal for customers who can get what they want without the need to travel or leave the house.

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