Create a YouTube channel and profit from it


  • 1 Create a YouTube channel
  • 2 How to make money on YouTube
  • 3 What is YouTube
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Create a YouTube channel

Can someone who uses YouTube that creates a private personal channel it on YouTube to be able to download videos video they wish or to comment on them or even create lists to run videos, and this can do it by doing several easy steps, and these steps as follows: [ 1]
  • Log in to YouTube using the personal computer or via the user's mobile phone.
  • Trying to comment, upload any video, or do anything else within YouTube requires creating a channel to complete it.
  • Follow the instructions that will appear to create a new YouTube channel as Facebook will ask the user to create a new channel when performing the previous step.
  • Use the user’s Google account to create the new channel.

How to make money on YouTube

A YouTube user who owns a channel on this site can reap profits and financial returns by doing some of the following, including the following: [2]
  • Ads: where profits can be made by enabling ads to be displayed on the user’s videos on his own channel, and YouTube acts as a mediator between some advertisers, the person who owns the YouTube channel, and the advertisers pay money to display these ads.
  • Dealing with some brands: Especially when the content of the videos on the user’s channel is similar and similar to the products of some brands, the user can communicate with the owners of these brands to promote their products through his channel.

What is YouTube

YouTube is defined as a website that allows its users to share videos. This website was founded by three people: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Javed Karim in the year 2005 AD. A YouTube user can comment on or evaluate other people's videos, and it is worth noting that Google had a deal to buy YouTube in the year 2006, with a deal of $ 1.65 billion, and the first video uploaded to YouTube was a video called Me at the zoo . [3]

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