Create an online store

Online selling

E-selling is for a person to display the goods on the electronic pages and sell them to people, and e-stores have spread widely in recent times, and they have many advantages as they are not like regular stores that open and close them daily, as they remain permanently open and customers demand the goods that they like at any time in an electronic form, Therefore, it is easy to gain customers from all regions and the possibility of exporting abroad, in addition to that the construction costs are very few compared to the regular store, and you do not need employees to manage the store and sell the goods so you can work on your own, although there are several defects to create a store Ktrona, this kind of shops is uncommon in the Arab countries, because the purchase culture through the Internet is pervasive and its determinants and fears, A person can not preview the item before you buy them, you need a great time to win people's confidence in the quality of the goods and they are not exposed to the risks of electronic theft of their card purchasing.

Product idea, development and business planning

One of the most important steps that you have to take is to define your product with great accuracy, because there are big differences between the products, because the tangible goods differ in how they are sold and shipped from the intangible goods, and the rare items differ in marketing and promotion from the normal parts, and you also have to plan for the inventory and suppliers, so the best Relying on more than one supplier to ensure requests are met on time, and if you intend to launch a home delivery service, determine how delivery and how much it will cost and whether it is a service that causes losses or not. In the business plan, estimate the production costs, shipping, taxes, and fees for booking the hosting service and the name of the site Taq, it is important to work legally registered in accordance with the law of the State in which it operates.

Create an online store

Choose a domain name for your site that is easy and short, and express the business name of the business and the quality of the offered goods. In the event that the name you wish to have been used before, the domain registration company makes it easy for you to order and offer you similar available names, then choose enough space to do your job through The web hosting service provided by many companies, including what is free or for a small amount of money, and then you design your own website, if you are able to design it you will save the costs of designing it by companies or individuals specialized in this matter, and whether you design it yourself or By another person, h And because the site is very simple with a few colors and types of specific lines, and that the process of ordering the commodity does not exceed two clicks from the customer, and the process of promoting your product through social networking sites is an important method of electronic selling, and ensuring that the page is constantly updated and published, and communicating with customers in ways Efficient, gift-giving and business

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