Coffee with cinnamon is a sweet mix

Cinnamon and coffee, a sweet and healthy blend

Cinnamon is a delicious, odorless and odorless plant that is used in foods to add flavor. It is also used in making delicious and desirable desserts for many people. Cinnamon has many benefits and uses other than the prevailing uses, so what are they?
It is an evergreen perennial tree, its leaves are heart-shaped and dark aromatic, its flowers are many and small in size, yellow color, with blueberry fruit
Cinnamon comes out from the root in the form of many vegetable seedlings, cut from the root and dried and bound firmly, and cinnamon oil is extracted from the remaining waste
Cinnamon has two types, Sillian and Chinese. Cinnamon is commonly known as Shalikha and Chinese House, as it was known in the era of the pharaohs as the qad.

The crusts known as cinnamon are brown scales that tend to light brown in color, are easy to break and tastes sweet and has a pungent aroma.
Cinnamon is widely cultivated in the Andes and the Philippines
And if someone tries to add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the coffee he drinks, he has contributed to lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood and helped his body to use insulin more effectively, so cinnamon is useful for diabetics and cholesterol as well.

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