Best words in love

The sweetest words in love: for true love ... always and forever. There is no change in it, whether you give him everything or deny everything ... ((Johann Wolfgang))
Love madness!! One of the greatest blessings of heaven .. ((Plato))
Love ... is the lifeblood (Louis Carroll)
Love is the most powerful force on earth. (Nelson Rockefeller)
Among the quotations of the loving lover ... He only wants one thing: the good of the beloved. Love itself is its reward. Anything other than that, it does not concern (Thomas Merton)
The lover ... a patient architect who makes through his construction only a concept. (Ogden Nash))
And they also said in love: Do not regret the love I lived ... even if it becomes a memory that hurts you ... If the flowers have dried up and its fragrance is lost and only the thorns remain, do not forget that it gave you a beautiful perfume that happiest you never break all bridges with the one you love ... Fate may wish for you one day to meet another day to restore the past and reach what has been broken ... If the beautiful age is gone ... Who knows, maybe Omar waited for you

Love may be born with a word, but it can never die with a word in love. Letters we send and others we tear apart. The most beautiful speeches are that we do not write Love is a woman’s spring and autumn of a man’s love. The woman asks permission to enter her heart. As for the man, he breaks into his heart without asking permission. Love enters the man through the eyes, He enters the woman through the ears and finds love for the happiness of a few, and for the suffering of many, love is born out of nothing .. and dies with anything similar to love, like war is easy to start and it is difficult to end it with love.

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