Beauty standards for women


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It is known that a woman’s beauty is a relative matter, that is, it differs from one person to another, and from one society to another, but there is a set of beauty standards for women that many may agree upon, and that attracts everyone who sees a woman who has a set of these characteristics, and in This article will talk about measures of beauty of women, and there are standards of beauty specific to some societies. For example, in Japan, beauty is represented for them by soft women who have small parties and a smooth face, but in the Pharaonic culture for example, the beauty of women is mainly represented in the beauty of eyes and hair. [1]

Beauty standards for women

Beauty standards for women are as follows: [2]
  • The beauty of natural features away from falsehood and fabrication.
  • Soft long hair, as some studies have proven that the owner of long hair is more attractive than other women with short hair, especially if the hair is healthy, strong, and free from the signs of split ends and refraction.
  • The soft voice of women, which indicates the woman’s delicacy and femininity.
  • Long fringes and thick eyelashes increase the size of the eyes, and hence their beauty.
  • The wide eyes, where this quality is considered one of the most frequently used qualities poets and writers throughout the ages.
  • Long and graceful neck.
  • Fine, delicate nose associated with the small ears.
  • Skin that is clear, clear, healthy, free from pimples, scars and acne marks.
  • Consistency in the body and weight, it is not necessary for women to be long, but more importantly is the consistency of height with weight, with the need for no increase in it, and an accumulation of fat in some areas of the body.
  • Full cheeks.
  • Little mouth.
  • Long and thin fingers.
  • The presence of dimples, which are pits in the cheeks or in the chin, gives a special charm to everyone who owns them.
  • The presence of a mole or a mole, especially if it is directly above the mouth.
  • Teeth arranged in a row, which has a healthy white color.
  • Healthy and shiny nails away from split ends and breakage.
  • Correct gait with shoulders raised.
Note: It is not necessary for a woman to possess all the characteristics of beauty together. We often see some women and stars who only have one or two of these beauty characteristics, yet they lightly managed to shadow the magic of the hearts of millions of people.

Signs of inner beauty

Among these signs: [3]
  • The cheerful personality, the lightness of the shadow, the permanent and natural smile , away from the artificial one.
  • Self-confidence represented by the balanced way of speaking, and the clear voice away from demagoguery.
  • The beauty of behaviors, literature, ethics and humility for humans.

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