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the mother

The mother is a tender heart that is inexhaustible, a source of patience that does not dry out, and how can he dry and she who is tired and stayed up all night for the sake of raising her children is good and beneficial education?!, The mother is the refuge from all sorrow, distress and distress, the mother is safety when fear, and whatever we talked about the mother We cannot give her the right to words, and in this article we will present beautiful words and phrases about the mother.

Words about the mother

  • Ask me about love, I will answer my mom's heart.
  • When you fall, everyone asks you why you fell, but your mother asks if you were hurt.
  • There is still a lot of goodness as long as I am on my mother's face.
  • O Lord, prolong the life of my mother until my grandchildren kiss her hands.
  • Do not believe anyone, not even yourself, if I tell you that someone loves you more than your mother.
  • This world narrows me when my mom grieves.
  • I believed that mothers are small homelands, for every motherland is a homeland that we live in, love, and be proud of, a woman homeland, our loyalty to her and our affiliation with her.
  • You will not find a heart that welcomes you at all times like your mother’s.
  • Empty this life when you pass without my mother, and the pain of crying without laughing.
  • My mother, the nine months that I lived in your belly, does not return her beautiful one day, you have the whole world and you are all my holidays.
  • Often a strong mother makes a real man.
  • Not everyone is like my mother; whenever I wanted to hug her she did, and whenever I yearn for her she spoke, my mother is friendly and beloved.
  • The future of society is in the hands of mothers. If a woman is the cause of losing the world, she alone can save him.
  • The only ones are everyone's mom's whole life.
  • When your mother believes that you will succeed, this is because her heart is praying for you.
  • You will always see your mother is right.
  • Whoever underestimates the capabilities of women, I hope that his childhood will be returned without a mother.
  • My mom is the only one who will not desert me, she will not offend me, she will not be double-faced, and she will pray for me when I am not alive.
  • Peace be upon my mother, the first country and the last exile.

Phrases for the mother

  • No one is like you, mom, you are my moon in the darkness of nights, and the sun shines in my mornings, with you I live, and on your hands I learned the meaning of unconditional love.
  • The mother is a dwelling in your cold, a restaurant in your hunger, a balsam in your pain, a hospital in your illness, a party in your joy, and an alarm if you sleep, and calls if you miss.
  • I seek refuge in God three times from a world that does not contain my mother.
  • My father's greatest achievement was his choice of my mother.
  • The only place I can rest my head on and sleep comfortably is my mother's stone.
  • I only care about the details of the Eid, except for my mother’s happiness.
  • Mothers mean something extraordinary, something that most of those who have lost their mothers know.
  • It is mercy in the palm of affection, the mother Nibras tender unabated.
  • The mother is not a mother.
  • And the mother remains the most beautiful thing in life.
  • Precious things do not happen twice so we only have one mother.
  • Mom's heart and bosom are two sides of the same coin.
  • A person can only understand the greatness of the mother when he is witnessing a birth.
  • The mother’s heart is a deep chasm, you will always have forgiveness at the bottom.
  • Love is something if it is found between two people. One of them does to the other what the mother does to her son.
  • Nothing gives you more love than a heart or a melted candle for you.
  • Mother teaches you everything except how to live without it.
  • They asked me which women do you like? So I said: Whoever waits for me for nine months, receives me with tears and joy, and educates me at the expense of her health, she will remain the greatest love in my heart forever, my mother.
  • Oh God, Lord of the heavens and the earth, for every second she spent in raising us, watched for our comfort and endured for our sake, raised her ranks in heaven, and forbade her face on the fire, and watered her with a pleasant drink with your Prophet and your beloved Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family and peace.
  • Beautiful all mom, all without exception.
  • Mum, lady, all human beings, affliction of my eyes.

Beautiful phrases for the mother

  • My mother and the mother of those who read, God made them of the seventy thousand, who enter Paradise without reckoning.
  • Its feet are heaven, its hands are mercy, its heart is home, its voice is recitation, its face is light, its giving is sea, I see in it what you do not see, my mother.
  • If I do not know that mothers are just human beings, I swear that they are angels.
  • Oh God, make my mother a woman of Paradise, O God, explain to her breasts, make her easy for her, and make her anguish for her and lengthen my life for her, O Lord of the worlds.
  • My mom laughs, time stops a little, and she takes a picture.
  • For your life, my mother, you are the guide. I will return to you if there is a problem with sermons.
  • The mother is everything in this life, she is the consolation in sadness, the hope in despair, and the strength in weakness.
  • The mother is forced to punish her son, but soon takes him into her arms.
  • With you, mom, I can know God and see Heaven.
  • My mother learned from her to get off my mind when I talk to the kids, and how do I rise and raise my words when I discuss adults and do not object to their conversation and listen to them with respect.
  • My mom does not love nor write.
  • My beloved mother, if I write the volumes of this world, I will not fulfill it, nor will it be one of its rights.
  • Men made by their mothers.
  • The mother is the symbol of unlimited love and giving, generosity, patience and sacrifice.
  • It is the mother who gives and does not wait to receive in return for giving.
  • No matter how beautiful the blessings are , my mom remains the most beautiful.
  • The mother is a sacred candle that lights the night of life with the humility of paper and interest.
  • Mom, I will write to you knowing that my writing is an insecure breakthrough.
  • There is nothing in the world sweeter than a godly or pious person.

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