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St. Valentine's day

Love is the beautiful and sincere feelings, and the world celebrates Valentine's Day or Valentine on March 14 of each year, where fans express how much they love each other with beautiful words and gifts, and in this article we will present you beautiful phrases for Valentine's Day.

Phrases for Valentine's Day

  • Every year you are deep in my heart, every year and here you inhabit this vein.
  • Each year, you coincidentally differed from the rest of the coincidences, O blessing from the seventh sama.
  • Every year you are a blessing, pretending to stay for me.
  • Every year you live in the middle of my heart.
  • Every year you are my source of joy.
  • The clear blue sky cried, and two tears fell from it, and the earth germinated and responded: your smile and the kindness of your heart.
  • Place the moon to meet you and within my heart Khbaytk possessed my heart your soul lover heart Smatk.
  • If love is words that my writing would have ended for a long time, but love is a soul that gives talent, will my soul suffice you, my life?
  • Everything in the world can end my life, my life, my messages, but your love will never end.
  • If I collected the days of my life with joy, it would not be worth a moment of my time with you.
  • I am proud that you are my love and that you are true love, it is enough that if I mentioned you I forget my sorrows and my trouble.
  • I will not say Happy Valentine's Day, but I will say you are the Valentine's Day.
  • I have a heart, you have beats, I have a body, you have a life, I have love and you have a feast, I love you, soul of my heart.
  • I send you a love whisper that sings you with the eagerness of my heart that is calling you, and after love I congratulate you.
  • Each year, your most beautiful love , Mounir, is my candle for my years. Every year, you are the first in my life, my heart and my eyes.
  • Your most precious people, I called you, and the text of my heart, your cell, and in the eyes of my eyes, I put you and far love.
  • Two moments suffice for my life: a moment when you are happy, and a moment that remembers me while I was on Valentine's Day far from you.
  • In the feast of love Oahdik ship red Lord sails love and longings and Oslmk years of age and every letter I wrote from my pen and inky, bleeding heart Almsteq which Odhanah link and hope to see you staying above tolerable and patience hurts dimension and separation .
  • This is another holiday, on which we stand the same distance from each year. You and I and a group of feelings that are born in the soul and die in the fragrance of reality, what will be said? What can I give you, other than unfinished longings, and a throttling revelation that he did not wish to utter, and many young thoughts in the bosom of a beautiful evening will not bring us together.

Words about Valentine's Day

  • If someone besides me was a writer of a galaxy with lines, you would see his inscription in gold, what you would erase in hoor.
  • The most wonderful hearts your heart, the sweetest words whispered, and the most beautiful thing in my life, your love.
  • The sun sends golden love and the moon sends silver love, and I send you eternal love.
  • Your comfort is my goal and you are my motto and my flag, for the wound to touch you as medicine and to reach what my longing is what I wish
  • This is another holiday, I will write, I will remember, I will cry and smile, or smile and cry, but as usual the lovers have gone, they will remain silent.
  • This is another holiday that will hide the tears of yearning, and you will steal your memory, steal some words, some whisper, and then withdraw.
  • This is another feast, I will look at your angelic face, and your heavenly eyes, I will look as if I see you reflect on the face of my childhood, the one with which I was muttering.
  • This is another holiday that will awaken our feelings, we will draw love with the shame of the winds, we will return years, we will build years, we will be for some time.
  • This is another holiday that I will tell you, and if you do not hear: You are more beautiful when you smile .
  • From my heart we want you and my Lord to make you happy and for you, O long life, we congratulate you.
  • I guided you on Valentine's Day, my eyes, but I hesitated at the last minute. I feared I miss you and I cannot see you.
  • I pledged to my Lord every year that passes, I love you more and miss you more, and I wish you the best Valentine, my most beloved.
  • If Valentine's Day is a rose, it is you. If Valentine's Day has a smile, it is your smile. If this is my Valentine's Day, then you should be with me.
  • A cloud of love, my life, it rains in the sky of your world, perfumes your pure heart and says it is impossible to forget you.
  • On Valentine's Day, he sent a dove of peace with her mouth, a rose of grams from Walhan, to the most precious and dearest person.
  • You are the woman I love, you are the woman I waited for, but you are the woman I dreamed of owning, I love you.
  • You are here with me and I miss you, so what do I say if you are not with me.

Beautiful words about Valentine's Day

  • A year has passed and a year has passed, and years have gone by, and you have gone for years, and your love with my heart is preserved at all times.
  • On the occasion of the Eid we send a love bouquet with a rose basket that we offer to the most beautiful person and the most precious human being.
  • O sun of suns, O joy of all souls, my light on my dearest friend and saying: Happy New Year.
  • The heart has your name, the mind has your drawing, and blood has your love in me and I love you.
  • The rest of our days are marked by our feast of love, our feast and love. Every year, you are my first and last love, every year and you are my love and passion, every year and you are my beloved, whoever loved you, you are your light, like the sunlight and your perfume is like elephant and jasmine, you are my soul, my life and everything in my life .
  • You remain the symbol of tenderness, your eyes remain the best place, and you, on our Valentine's Day, remain the most precious person.
  • Good evening and evening candles wiping the tear, I love you from Saturday night until Friday night.
  • The night has another, and life has another, but frankly, my love for you has another.
  • My eyes are far away and in my heart I live for sure every year and you are in the happiest and most beautiful Eid.
  • Oh your luck, your luck, who guided you? I said by saying Happy Valentine, my dearest lover.
  • I offer the sweetest moon, the finest perfume and blossom, with a card that says: Happy Valentine's Day, most precious human.

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