Beautiful phrases for success and ambition


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Ambition is the path to success

Success is the person reaching the goal that he aspires to reach throughout his life, through constant pursuit, perseverance , and hard work, and as a result of this success you reach to live your life in a way that gives you a feeling of a lot of happiness , and very little pain, and that leads you to more progress, And success, and winning every achievement that its owner is proud of, and is satisfied with it, and do not forget that success is a difficult planet to reach, with a mission rocket, while supplying the vehicle with fuel for supplication, and by exerting effort, the summit is reached, but aspiration is the spiritual energy in human life, and the basis for success , And it is the mental plan that organizes our lives, and which pushes us towards The future, and the value of human existence if not ambitious once.

Beautiful expressions of success

  • Success is not that you have no negatives, this is never the concept of success, success is to focus on your positives , and make your strengths stronger and stronger.
  • Success is not to be a complete human being in all aspects of your life. This is only for a few people. Success is to be distinguished in one aspect of your life, making this aspect a source of benefit and enrichment for others.
  • The real success is that you feel your success, and not depend on your marketing team, then there is no doubt that their work will bear fruit, but if you are not really successful then it is a failed marketing campaign.
  • The relationship is immediate between memorizing time and success, and keeping time is not intended to close yourself in your library. Rather, it is intended that the most important affect on the important and that you do not spend time other than closeness and obedience to God. Not good.
  • Success is not a lot of applause from the audience, and not a large number of followers and interested parties. The real success is that God Almighty knows that you only want his satisfaction and seek his pleasure.
  • Ironically, most of you know your success or not are the people of your specialty, and they unfortunately also have given people the mention of this, except from God's mercy for many reasons, including envy, competition and others.
  • Success is not an allegation without evidence, and if success was merely words, it was not a failure, and we have never seen a failure.
  • People do not reach the garden of success without going through the stations of fatigue, failure, and despair, and those with a strong will do not prolong standing at these stations.

Beautiful phrases about ambition

  • Start small, think big, don't worry about many things at the same time, start with simple things first and then progress to more complex things.
  • The Secret of Satisfaction : Paying attention to the existing and turning a blind eye to the missing, and the secret of ambition: searching for the missing with Hamad Allah on the existing.
  • Ambition is the one who spends your bed to work, think, toil, and expel from your eyelids sleep, and contentment is those beautiful breezes that blow on your heart to tell him that you are good for what you are in it no matter what.
  • The claim that the human aspirations and dreams are greater than his abilities, but is an illusion, so the ambition is often greater than the boldness of its owner, and greater than the will of the act to him.
  • Great-minded people have goals and objectives, while others are satisfied with dreams, and contentment does not oppose ambition, contentment is the limits of what is possible for ambition.
  • Discovered these transit will inevitably be those of his soul sister soul, Taataref consists, though were not able to interpretation; Vttdaf to cut with joy and gratification wasteland, and do not allow the steps of grief and frustration that led ambition, tender or stopped.

He felt about ambition and success

Several poems were said in ambition and success, in order to stimulate future generations, including the poem Mubarak this success by poet Adel Nayef Al-Baini, poet and linguist and journalist / Lebanese-Syrian, the poet has a degree in Arabic literature, an educational qualification diploma, and he is a teacher of Arabic literature, published for the poet A book whispering over the banks of the light, and the book of dreams and thorns, the book appointed in the parsing of tools, the book appointed in creation and expression, and many press publications in several fields: political, social, critical, and poetry.
He said in his poem:
Temporary, sorry for her luck
Corsets from weary, even if not
She pampered her with any knowledge
Even if the knowledge of it is on time
And his cubs have been fixed, please
With great determination and uniqueness
Every one deserves his worthiness
Like black pitched blacks
Young people held on to their behavior
And so did the young women from that resource
A fountain of science has burst forth
His resources licked his lips
So the young women would see on the rubbish a tray
Withstand effort and if you do not intend
Its lights were outdated with outages
When they want to be invisible, they say: increase
Until they become like a beekeeping oud
If a bird landed on top of it, it would not survive
This is the way you have experienced it
The light of eternal science is not granted
The science of homelands is a bright light
They learned to send the light of tomorrow
Whoever seeks pioneering knowledge in a nap
He fell as he thought he was handcuffed
Get up and be enlightened by his light, had it not been for him
Please live us to live the seat
It is not happiness that we have a hand
Happiness is atop the loss

Thoughts on success and ambition

We aspire, we dream, we meditate, we try, we strive to achieve the impossible, we aspire with everything in us, we dream about all our past, we hope that we will change our laws, we try, despite the blows that come to us, we forget and repeat the attempt, twice times we do not care, we strive with all our energies, to get what You want our thoughts, and what we wanted to be, I will leave him beside the window, and open the window for him, to inhale that clear air from my reality, to know how much I want him, to know what the meaning of hope is , to know that he will stand with me when I desperately need him, yes, and when the fate wills, will Get up to it, as I may be close to that ambition.

Dr. Bassem Khafaji says: Do not be normal if you always try to be normal, you will never know how impressive it can be, the value of this life is not to be normal by some standard or in the eyes of someone, but to be "you" as you like and as you want, No, as those around you want, “normal” simply means that you lose the most important thing that God has granted you: that you have no analogy, this is a universal scientific fact that is beyond dispute, so why do you want to be normal without color or difference, be you, be free from the pressures of being Acceptable or to be ordinary, so what is this that you found in this universe, you are also free from being busy to show off to anyone and what is this created, busy to surprise yourself, and dazzle it, beware: m People who want you are just a number, whether they are friendsOr, relatives, or lovers, or a system of work, beware of those who want you suitable for the ceiling of their expectations, and dazzling by their standards they are, be you and dazzle only yourself, and strive to be the best, and to be "you". Resolution: My value in this universe is not to be just a number, nor to be "normal". My role in this universe is not to revive my life in order to impress someone. I am here to be "I" .. and to strive to be the best I am, and to dazzle myself with my ability to be the best, no matter how simple or different from everyone.

Many people do not give success another attempt, they fail once and the matter ends with them, many do not bear the painful failures of failure , but if you are willing to accept failure , learn from it, and consider it a step forward, then you have learned the most important causes of success, For every successful person I met, my life told me that I started when I began to trust myself, not to measure the success of a person by the extent of his climb, but rather by the extent of what he reached for effort and merit, and sometimes after it fell, the parasites depend on others to achieve their goals, the self-reliant achieve what they They want on their own, but those who cooperate with each other combine their efforts and those of others The achievement of the greatest achievements, if you do not plan for your goals, it is not your right to regret not achieved.

Letters to the aspiring

The first message:
Whatever the next unknown,
Open your eyes to dreams, to ambition ,
Tomorrow is a new day.
Tomorrow you are a new person.

The second message:
To claim that a person’s ambitions and dreams are greater than his capabilities,
It is an illusion,
Often the ambition is greater than the boldness of its owner,
And greater than the will of the act to him.

The third message:
If you are immersed in honorable honor
Do not be satisfied with what is not stars
The taste of death is in a vile thing
Like the taste of death in a great thing

The fourth message:
Leave me to get what is not affected by Al-Ula
The difficulty of Al-Ula is difficult and easy is easy
And if the souls are old
Tired of its objects

The fifth message:
Life is full of stones, so don't get stuck with it.
Rather, gather them and build a ladder in which you will rise towards success .

The sixth message:
And his heart said to him: Do not be alarmed .
The door may one day open to greet those who are innocent of life,
And the ambition of the angels.

The seventh message:
The wise are rich with knowledge,
Kings are not wealthy with money,
And who is not ashamed of the wise and honors them,
He knows their virtues and protects them from the positions of humiliation,
He who deprived his mind, and lost his world,
Injustice to the wise of their rights, a promise of ignorance.

The eighth message:
Personality cannot develop easily and calmly,
Only through pain and suffering can the soul be strengthened ,
It inspires ambition, and achieves success.

The ninth message:
The ambition is to live a few years of your life
In a way that mocks most people,
So that you can live the rest of your life in a way that most people cannot.

The tenth message:
Ambition is not what you do,
But what do you want to do.

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