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the love

Love is the truest feeling in life, and it is attraction, admiration and attachment to a person, so he longs to see him and feels with him comfortable, safe and great happiness, and he is afraid of his separation so that he does not taste pain in his dimension, and in this article we will present beautiful words about love.

Sayings and wisdom about love

  • Love is like a red nose, the owner cannot hide it from view.
  • Big gifts make small fines.
  • Who thinks that love comes after marriage is like trying to light a cigarette from behind.
  • Torment to love and torment not to be loved, but the greatest torment is to love without hope.
  • Man's love appears in speech, and woman's love appears in tears.
  • Three are similar in their minds: the poet, the madman, and the lover.
  • Being the first woman's lover does not mean anything, but you must be her last lover, so in everything.
  • The quarrel between the two lovers is a renewal of love.
  • Tears of love are more beautiful if they find someone to wipe them.
  • Perhaps it is good to love with thought and narration, but it is really fun to love madly.
  • Our watches in love have wings, and in separation they have claws.
  • Doubt is the ax of the love tree.
  • The man's concerns are many, and the greatest of them is the separation of a woman he loves.
  • Slow down in choosing the lover and do not rush to abandon him.
  • Ambition is like love, both of which cannot endure competition or postponement.
  • Three must not be hidden: love, confession, and truth.
  • The sure proof that a woman loves you is to imitate her.
  • We deny love when we describe it as fire, for human love does not become ashes.

love words

  • It does not matter how old I have. It is important that I keep all the life with you.
  • I want to be a beautiful thing in your life that puts a smile on your lips whenever I think about you.
  • I wish everything you liked.
  • One day you may earn someone equivalent to what you have lost in your entire life.
  • As for yet, I will not love anyone after you, but before, I fundamentally did not know love except with you.
  • It's nice to be a precious thing for someone who fears losing you one day.
  • A man cannot be cruel with the female he loves.
  • The important person in your life is not the person you feel is but the person you feel is absent.
  • If I saw how I tell strangers about you, I would try to stand in the lines of strangers to love yourself from my speech.
  • She tied me to you, even if you weren’t there, feel your spectrum with me, no matter how far you are.
  • Love to be satisfied with you and never satisfied with you.
  • I loved you so much that when you miss me, everything misses you.
  • If love were words that my pen would have ended, but love is spirits that are endowed, will my soul suffice you?
  • All I want is to stay in my life forever.
  • I loved you if it turned into water and would have submerged the whole world.
  • Hear your voice yearning for you, do not know it.
  • With you I can be my nature without making or compliment, love me as I am and I love you as you are.
  • I love your voice when trying to imitate my accent and to speak as if it was me.
  • It is said in love that hugs are life.
  • I keep you because you are my most valuable things.
  • How can I not love you more than myself and every beat of my heart beats in your name!
  • I love you the number of my breath and yours and theirs all.
  • As a matter of violence, I want to kidnap you into my arms.
  • I wish I had a bigger heart, to love you as it deserves you.
  • The splendor of life comes near someone you loved for years, so it becomes your share.
  • My heart only wants you as a lover.
  • I became addicted to you and find no cure except your closeness.
  • I do not look at anyone as I look at you because you owned my eyes before you owned my heart.
  • I do not want anything from the world, I feel that I took my share of joy when I loved you.
  • Love is to see hundreds of people and feel only your lover.
  • I admit to you that everything is good enough, except for you.

Love phrases

  • When they ask me about you, I will say happiness has entered my life and I do not want it to pass away.
  • How beautiful it is to have a person who does not know the meaning of sleep before reassuring you.
  • He is the only one that if I start talking to him, I will not be satisfied.
  • When I loved you, I saw all the things you are, you know why? Because you are everything around me.
  • It makes me happy when he tells me everything that happens to him.
  • Love the ones whose life doesn't change them, as we first knew them.
  • Sleeping on the breath of a person you love is a story that only those who lived through it will understand it.
  • Love has different meanings in my heart, mind and eyes. The heart is a child in feelings and love.
  • I have all people.
  • How beautiful I feel my mind, see you in my heart, and adore you in my spirit.
  • I adore the person who feels I have something for him alone.
  • How beautiful it is to have a person ask about you if you are away and approach you if you are away.
  • And when your love is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  • Love leaves us crucified before our surprise, neither we are able to escape nor are we able to march.
  • At the heart is an endless prayer for you.
  • And what you believe in eye and charm even Dhtna Bilhawa eyes.
  • I tried to hate you, I hated the experience and once again I loved you.
  • There are only beautiful women left in my eyes.
  • If you accept my love and my paradise closes to you, or refuse my proximity, that hell is hell.
  • Include your name in supplication; longing, love, and need.
  • Pain in my heart with what he likes? Or your eyes what you seduce me blamed!
  • I died of love as a lover, and your love revived me.

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