Words of longing

Words of longing

In our article, we will include words spoken of longing
Longing: _ is the clearest evidence of love, if you only want to test your boyfriend, let him miss you. Get away from it. Try this feeling when you return to it, and in your eyes shine the sparkle of victory!
And you see the eyes of your lover stepping through the letters of the God before uttering his tongue!
You see his hidden tears behind the dark halos! You feel that his heart if given the opportunity to embrace you
Never hesitate for a moment! His rattle overhears the feeling of crying only to pronounce the first letter of your name!
When we miss, you feel that the universe is filled with nothing but a deadly vacuum ! And your soul would then be in another gathering!

When we yearn, you wish that the faces of all people would be turned in one direction
Only familiar with it! Do not feel it but your heart! It is the face of that person who caused you this uncommon feeling in yourself!
Just ! When you miss! She loves and excels in your love
How difficult are those nights that I try to get to you, out of your arteries to your heart, how hard are those nights, how difficult are those moments when I search for your chest to hold my head
Longing for you always kills me, you in my thoughts, day and night
Your picture is engraved between my eyelids and it is the light of my eyes, your eyes ..... calling out to my eyes your hands ..... embracing my hands whispering ...
My dear, is it possible that the distances divide us and bring us together groans? Whoever possesses my heart and my joy, whoever loves you and possesses my world
My love, when I sleep, I dream that I see you ... Indeed, when I wake up, I hope to see you again ... in my dreams
1- A tear is flowing, a candle is flat out, and the life without you is gone, and without you my heart ends

2- If your passion in my heart shines a lifetime of radiance, our love will never remain, despite the giant dimension

3- I have the heart of what is hardened, and the mind of what is forgotten, and the owner of it without him, I would not be worse

4- Your message: Your call is not enough for me: You can accept me. I see you: it is my eyes

5- If white paper sent, it is enough that you asked enough that the paper has a touch of your hands

6- Shedding a tear in an ocean, if they could get it, I promise to forget you

7 - This is a generous, friendly, passing way of fear, but everything against me is my luck, the world and the circumstances

8- O letters, teach her how my heart melted in her. If time passed, you forgot me, O letters. Remember her

9- It is now Posti appointment according to the timing of your longing for your lips

10- I can tell the rose before its leaves include goodness, sweeter and thinner creature

11- I recently discovered that he lost you, any message that surprised the word “(I love you)”

12 - He who created you created a million uniforms, but raised them, all of them worth anything

13- If the days do not bring us together, memories gather us, and if the heart does not see you, the eye will not forget you

14- I knew myself, what did you love and think about me, no salvation, dear, forgot me

15- I used to buy a watch that was more expensive than the hour I met you

16- The Astronomy Commission announces the disappearance of one of the moons, so hold account, my love, to catch you

17- Speak quickly to me, my heart and mind disagree about you, he loves you and he dies in you

18- Express (“My Heart”) an enchanted object with your slain killed and a sign of his killing the smile shown on your lips

19- I will love you even if I wait too long, if it is not my destiny, you are my choice

20 - If a million loved you, then I am one of them, and if one loved you, it is me, and if no one loves you, I know that I died

21- I thought on the day I gave you my eyes, but I retreated, I missed you, one day, I could see you

22- If you think of me, give me a ring. If I miss you, send me a message. If you love me, I will see you

23- Whoever cuts my longing and for my eagerness to touch your hands, I go to Islam, who greeted him on a day

24- I reverted to a message that I sent to you, as long as I find something other than God, I will leave you alone and bless you, O goodness

25- Uh, oh Lord, you can't believe a reasonable honey. This is a rule reading my message

26- Nafthi, yours, the scatterers, the broadcast, I don’t know.

27- I waited, and when I waited a long time, I sent the sweetest meanings, saying: Don't miss, dear

28- How many moons in the universe? Two, one in the sky and one seated, reading the letter

29- I love you, sweeter than all human beings, twin of spirit, closer than my blood, my blood, my passion

30- Get ready for a blood group analysis. wait. The result is on the way. Dangerous discovery. you are cute

31- Be ready. You can decrease the quantity and we need you. The sender: The honey and chocolate factory

32- He sent a dove of peace with her mouth, a rose of grams from Walhan, to the most precious and dearest person

33- I am a message coming from a person who is sitting in a spirit and thinks a lot about you and salutes you a lot

34- O Lord, you will die, O Lord, I claim with all my heart that you will die in it, just as there is death in you

35- Small order? Possible: you laugh, you cross me, your luck, and it closes

36- Were it not for modesty, fear, and death, I would not shout with the voice, longing for you

37- I am now on the roof that what I sent a message within 5 minutes threw myself

38- Bardan: Boss Bafni, Mushtaq: Your voice is enough for me, wronged: I see you comfort me

39- Your wish raises the phone, and asks about me, and I am not afraid to hear a blame from me!

40- In the evening of Sahir with the star of Sahir, send a bouquet of fragrant flowers to the most precious of them

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