Words in separation

Words in separation

Let's separate a little
For the good of this love, my love and our goodness
Let's separate a little
Because I want to increase my love
This house of poetry by Nizar Qabbani, who asks his beloved parting for reasons that may be clear and is the increase in love, for love is the feeling that permeates us and spreads happiness inside us and makes us walk around the world, but sometimes lovers fall into one of the mistakes in the relationship that results in separation, because our lives do not walk in one pace And just as the meeting found, there is separation, because the meeting does not have reasons, and as for separation, there are definitely reasons for it, so what are the reasons for separation ?? !! How can we overcome it ?? !! What is the most beautiful thing that was said about the separation and its description ?? !!

Reasons for separation

The first of these reasons is love from one side, which is what the woman feels towards the man or vice versa, because the other party does not know about this love or sometimes he knows but he cannot exchange such feelings or exceed the feelings of friendship to love, and this causes pain to the person He who feels love and makes him decide the separation and withdraw.
And default is also one of the reasons for separation, which is neglecting feelings or interest, and keeping secrets is one of the biggest reasons for separation because it creates a distance between the two people, so that each of them becomes a separate world that he lives alone.
And among the people who reject the idea of ​​switching from "I" to "us", and this is what negates the idea of ​​sharing life and makes it a difficult summit.
" Betrayal " is this word with seven letters, which has the greatest influence on relationships and is the biggest and first reason for separation, which is the guilt that is difficult to be forgiven by the partner.
And after mentioning some of the reasons for separation, we must avoid making such mistakes that lead us to separation, and avoid all the causes of separation, so the two lovers should feed their relationship to flourish and to invest and deepen their roots among them, and now after all this talk what do you think that we read the most beautiful poems in separation :
Nizar Qabbani
Let's separate a little
For the good of this love, my love and our goodness
Let's separate a little
Because I want to increase my love
I want to hate me for a bit
For what we have
Whoever mentioned Ghalia was on both of us
Great love ..
It is still inscribed on our mouth
It is still etched on our hands
What you wrote ... to me
And your transplanted face is like a rose in me
And your remaining love on my hair ... on my fingertips
For our memories
And our beautiful sorrow and smile
And our love that is greater than our words
Greater than our lips
Truly the sweetest love story in our lives
I ask you to leave
Let us separate loved ones
Birds every season
The hillside parting
And the sun, my love
It is sweeter when you try to be absent
Be in my life suspicion and torment
Be a legend
Once, be a mirage
And be a question in my mouth
He does not know the answer
One of the most beautiful wonderful love
The heart and the cilia inhabit us
And to be always beautiful
And to be more close
I ask you to go
Let's be separated and we are lovers
Let's separate despite all love and tenderness
It is through tears, my love
I want to see me
And through fire and smoke
I want to see me
Let us burn your prophet, my love
We have forgotten
The blessing of crying from time ago
Let's break up
So that our love does not become usual
We longed for ashes
And the flowers wither in the pots
Rest assured, my baby
Your love remains ... full eye and conscience
And I'm still taken with your big love
And I still dream about being mine
O Persia, you .. and my prince
But I ... but I do
I am afraid of my affection
I am afraid of my feelings
I am afraid that we will get tired of our longings
I am afraid of our salon
I am afraid of our embrace
In the name of wonderful love
Blooming like spring in our depths
It lit like the sun in our pupils
And in the name of the sweetest love story of our time
I ask you to leave
Until our love remains beautiful
So that his life is long
I ask you to leave

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