Where is the Dead Sea located?


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Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is described as the lowest spot on the earth, where it is about 400 meters below the sea level, and almost every year 33 centimeters. As for its name, it derives from being lifeless, due to the intensity of its salinity and the lack of food in it to the point of the death of the organisms reaching it From the river, the salinity of the waters of the Dead Sea is estimated to be nearly six times greater than the salinity of the ocean waters; it is a very high degree in which no living creature lives. [1] [2]

The reason for the severe salinity of the Dead Sea is due to the fact that it is a closed sea and not connected to any other sea, as it does not flow into rivers except the Jordan River, where it is located in a hole surrounded by mountains, which is a small sea in relation to other seas, and the rise in its temperature leads to a high rate of evaporation Water from it leaving behind the mineral salts in it, and these salts increase with the passage of time, which in turn gives water a very high density, while the main source of salts is mineral ions that reach it through the rivers and streams that pass through the neighboring mountains. [1] [2]

Because of the high density of water, it is difficult for people to swim or immerse in it, but their bodies float above the surface of the water only, as the high density of water makes the movement of legs and arms very heavy, and its salinity also harms the eyes and skin, but the salts in it have positive economic effects, and their importance stems from an abundance Potash and other mineral salts in it as they are used in various chemical industries, and it can be said that the water of the Dead Sea is decreasing due to the farmers' consumption of the waters of rivers significantly before they pour into it, which leads to a decrease in the water level over time. [1] [2]

Dead Sea website

The Dead Sea is located about 84 km east of the Mediterranean, and its length is 79 km, and its width ranges from 5 to 16 km. As for its borders, it is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the east, the West Bank from Palestine in the north, and occupied Palestine in the west, and it is the lowest spot on the surface of the earth In the world, [2] in the middle of the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley , and on the edge of the Jordan Valley, the land rises to the west to form a mountain range, the most important of which is the Jerusalem highlands. [3]

Geography of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located in the lowest basin on the surface of the earth, and is located specifically in the Syrian-African Gorge Valley that extends for a distance of more than 6,000 km between Marash in northern Turkey and the Zambian River in South Africa, and the Gorge Valley extends on the coasts of the Levant with a distance of 40 to 90 km in Palestine, And Syria, and Lebanon, and the Dead Sea is located in the above-tropical offerings from the semi-desert climate to the desert climate, and the Dead Sea is a water separation between Palestine on the west, and Jordan on the east, and extends from the north to the south for a distance of 78 km and an average width of 14 km, It is only 4 km wide, as it appears Ho west a terrain that defines the tongue, which is almost a quarter of the South Sea separates from the rest of the sea and the presence of a shallow water block up between the tongue and the rest of the parts of the sea. [4]

The Dead Sea is confined between two mountain ranges, as we mentioned earlier: the mountains of Jerusalem and Hebron in the west, and the mountains of Balqa, Karak and Tafila in the east. Strongly on the shores of the Dead Sea without leaving a clear coastal spot, and by approaching the ends of the Dead Sea from the north and south sides, the Palestinian mountains begin to move away from the sea to appear small plains that include Mount Ashdom in the far south, so that the mountain extends and reaches the Dead Sea from the southwest, East, slope becomes a Less, as the number of cliffs decreases, its height becomes less and its length decreases as well, and the Dead Sea extension ends in the Jordan Valley lands north in the Jericho region, and its end from the south is a wide and flat area of ​​approximately 20 km to occupy the Ghor Al-Safi plain, and Wadi Araba, spaceDead Sea are 940 km 2 approximately, and drainage area of 40,000 km 2 approx. [4]

Human exploitation of the resources of the Dead Sea

A person cannot live and settle in the Dead Sea region, as the temperature is very high and the rains are few, and the areas suitable for cultivation are very few and confined to certain places, and the water suitable for irrigation of crops is also few, and the transportation methods are very difficult because of surrounding the rocks And the mountains in the sea, which made the Dead Sea region a small population, as it is a refuge for individuals fleeing for various reasons, and the Nabateans were the first to inhabit the Dead Sea region, especially the East region; where they resided in the eastern mountains and made Petra their capital, whereas the western highlands were inhabited by them. QB Il different Palestinian. [4]

Man did not take advantage of the natural resources of the Dead Sea except by the first quarter of the twentieth century with the development of various sciences and studies about the Dead Sea and its wealth, as individuals increased the need for salts in various industries, especially chemical, and the amount of salts contained in the Dead Sea is estimated at approximately 45 million tons distributed over a group Among the minerals are: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride, and in 1976 AD the Arab Potash Company for the production of potash and other salts was established from the southeast of the Dead Sea , and production began in 1981. [4]

Treatment in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has great benefits that a person has been able to reach for about two thousand years. The Dead Sea possesses natural materials of unique benefit, in addition to important climate elements, such as: sun , water, and clay. These elements are presented together with many types of treatment. Effective natural for a group of chronic diseases, especially skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis, in addition to psoriatic arthritis, and other respiratory diseases such as asthma, health problems related to blood circulation, high blood pressure, and some of the eye problems. [5]

The Dead Sea laboratories also produce many high-quality products from natural materials extracted from the Dead Sea region, such as facial mud masks, in addition to the production of bath salts, different types of shampoo, nourishing and moisturizing creams for the skin, and also produce various preparations to remove cosmetics and protective cream from the sun 's rays, your face and lye, different types of soap , and these products are sold in the Jordanian market, it can also be purchased online from anywhere in the world, and is considered the sea dead and a favorite destination for individuals from around the world to relax and science C and enjoy various its benefits. [5]

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