What are fiery constellations


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Fiery constellations

There are many astrological constellations, and each of these constellations has its own characteristics that distinguish it from others, and the science of horoscopes has become an existing science in itself and its experts, and it has become a material that is published in daily newspapers and followed by millions despite the fact that people are divided between lies and doubts about their authenticity and what Between certified and insured
The constellations in terms of elements are divided into fiery, pneumatic, earthy, and watery, and in this article we will look at the first type, which are fiery constellations

Sections of fiery constellations

There are three fiery constellations
Burj al - Assad

Fire zodiac features

The fire is characterized by spirituality and idealism
When new things come to them, they ask whether they are right and good, and whether they make the world better

Artists and creators rarely succeed in routine chores
They always want to master things to make themselves important and people like them
They hold onto a lot of vision and imagination, so they lose the practical point of things, so they may be subject to failure to reach their ideals.
Fireworks aspire to the things that raise everything high in life and that is why they are called fire who understand exactly as fire does when it raises everything with its flame in the sky
They are quick to anger, but soon they calm down and their work in the facilities that play fire is often important, such as ovens, weapons, and the like.
Very loving and very popular
Their hobbies are confined to everything related to fire, sun, swimming, cooking and camps
Born a fiery, practical, controlling, with a remarkable presence
The fiery has dynamic movement, creation, burning passion, confidence, passion for freedom, courage, optimism
Fireworks share the following deficiencies: bullying, arrogance, vanity, extravagance, sensitivity, hostility, nervousness, intensity

the bow

Sagittarius is a lover of freedom, honest, rational, philosophical, friendly and light-hearted. Sagittarians have an optimistic outlook on life. Travels and explorations, Sagittarius is sincere and clear in love and is either to love or hate his life is full of contradictions, and the arc is respectful, trustworthy, generous and loyal, and always strives to achieve justice

the lion

The baby boomers are kings among the people. They are distinguished by the luxury of style, grandeur, and magnanimity, and the lion is social from the first degree, and these characteristics appear in the lion more than any other tower.


Pregnancy is a pioneer in thought and action, open to new ideas and a lover of freedom, intelligent, but reckless and over-optimistic. Leader and loves adventure, has a long but not tolerant soul, and he is a very confused and assertive person. His self-interest is above all, and his characters are usually characterized by boldness and daring, and the pregnancy is frank and has nothing to hide, as he is deeply influenced as a child and has determination and determination in defining his goal, and he is a prisoner of cleanliness, sincerity, self-confidence and very pride and pride in himself, And from his characteristics, jealousy and controversy

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