The supplication of debt payment


  • 1 supplication to pay the debt
  • 2 supplications for debt payment
  • 3 verses on relieving worry and eliminating religion
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The supplication of debt payment

Among the special supplications and the aforementioned in the elimination of religion and relief
  • (O Allah, grant me your freedom from your forbiddenness, and enrich me with the help of those who are except you). [1]
  • (O Allah, I seek refuge in You from impotence and laziness, from cowardice, from miserliness and hierarchy, and I seek refuge in You from the torment of graves, and I seek refuge in You from the temptation of life and death). [2]
  • (O Allah , the Lord of the heavens and Lord of the earth and Lord of the Great Throne, our Lord and Lord of all things, unconformity love and cores and the home of the Torah, the Bible and the Criterion, I seek refuge in You from the evil of all you are taking Bnasith, Oh God , you are the first not you anything, and you're the other is not after you anything, and you are apparently not over you Something, and you are inside, there is nothing without you, pay off the debt and make us rich from poverty) . [3]
  • (Oh God, the King of the King, you will give the king to whomever you want, and take away the king from whom you want, and be proud of whoever you want, and humble whoever you want, with your good hand, for you are capable of everything. Whoever except you). [4]
  • (Oh God, I am your servant, the son of your servant, and the son of your nation, my forelock in your hand is past in your judgment, justice in your judgment I ask you under every name that is yours. Placebo). [5]
  • (The prayers of the agonized: O God, have mercy on you, please, do not bother me with the blink of an eye, for all things are good for me, there is no god but you). [6]
  • (There is no god but Allah, the Great, the Wise, the God, the Lord, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and the Lord of the Great Throne). [7]
  • It was narrated on the authority of Abi Bin Kaab that he said: “The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, if two-thirds of the night were gone, said, O people, remember God. Remember God. The shiver came to follow her buttocks. On you, how much more I can offer you my prayers, and he said: Whatever you want, he said: I said the quarter. He said: Whatever you want, it is better for you. I said the half. He said what you want, and if you increase it, it is better for you. He cares and forgives you Your fault). [8]
  • (God, God is my Lord, I do not share anything with Him). [9]
  • (The call of Dhun-Nun, as he is in the belly of the whale: There is no god but You, Glory be to You, because I was among the unjust) [10]
  • (Oh God, I ask you that you have praise, there is no god but you, mann, the creator of the heavens and the earth, with majesty and honor, O living, O my people, I ask you). [11]
  • (Oh God, Lord of the Seven Heavens, and Lord of the Great Throne, our Lord and Lord of all things, you are the One, there is nothing above you, and you are the inner One, and there is nothing without you, the home of the Torah, the Gospel, and the Criterion. There is nothing before you, and you are the last, there is nothing after you, pay off our debt and richer from poverty). [12]
  • (Oh God, I seek refuge in You from the disappearance of your grace, the transformation of your well-being, the suddenness of your curse, and all your wrath). [13]

Prayers to spend the debt

Muslims can pray Bodeih is the structure of sayings relieve worry and eliminate debt, such as:
  • Glory be to God, the number of what was given, the number of what was given, the number of what is found in it, the number of what comes out of the earth, the number of what descends from the sky, O God, my livelihood, my religion, and my back.
  • O God, I seek refuge in You from demolition, I seek refuge in You from worsening, and I seek refuge in You from drowning, burning, and the pyramid, and I seek refuge in You that the Devil will fail me at death, and I seek refuge in You that I die in your path for good, and I seek refuge in You that I die in a bite.
  • O God, set my face to the left, and do not make my face despised, so I seek the livelihood of those who seek your livelihood, and seek sympathy for the evil of your creation, and I am grateful for the praise of those who gave me, and I am fascinated by the allegiance of me, and you are behind all of this the guardian of giving and preventing, for you are all capable.
  • O Karim, O God, who is of great mercy, O knowing of the secrets, consciences, obsessions and thoughts, I ask you for a flood of please flood, and a grip of the light of your authority, in your hand the whole thing, and the traditions of everything, so give us what our eyes acknowledge, because you are generous, very generous, Standing at your door, and for your wide known presence are waiting, O Karim, Rahim .
  • Oh God, grant me a broad, permissible and good provision, and respond to my prayers without response, and I seek refuge in you from the two scandals; poverty and religion, O God, the one who provides the poor, and the merciful of the poor, oh who has strong strength, and the guardian of the believers, and the best of the supporters, the sick of those who seek help, grant me the most merciful Merciful.
  • Oh God, reveal all my misfortune, O scientist, all hidden, oh who sends out every calamity, help me, I invite you to pray for the one who intensified his excess, and his strength weakened, and I said his trick, the supplication of the forced drowning, O God, have mercy on me and help me, and kindness in me, and treat me with your relief, Oh God, my refuge, my God I beg you with your one name, the steadfast person, and with your great name, I have been freed from what I have become, and become in it, so that my thoughts and delusions will not dust the dust of fear from others, and I will not be disturbed by the trace of hope from other than you, my reward, my reward, my reward , O God, O God, O revealer of grief and worries And the spectator of the great anguish, and whoever wants something that says to him: Be and be, may God have mercy on him. Sins surrounded me with sins and transgressions, so I do not find mercy and Take care of others, give me it.
  • Praise be to God, who forgets who mentioned it, praise be to God, who does not disappoint from his mercy, praise be to God, the one who trusts him is enough, praise be to God, whoever trusted him did not eat it to others, praise be to God, who is our confidence when our misfortunes are wrong with our actions, praise be to God who is our hope when Tricks and rope are cut off from us.
  • Praise be to God, who humbled everything for his greatness, praise be to God, who surrendered everything to his ability , praise be to God, who humiliated everything to his pride, praise be to God, who subjected everything to his king.
  • Oh God, I ask you for guidance, piety, chastity, and wealth, Lord, make me one of your loyal servants, my father, Muslims, and Muslim women, my Lord, forgive us, have mercy on us, guide us, compel us, grant us well, and grant us, and enrich us in religion, worldly life and the Hereafter, I and everyone who says God is safe, O Lord of the worlds.
  • O Allah, grant me what matters to me, and what I do not care for, O God, provide me with piety , forgive me for my sin, and direct me for good wherever I go, O God, I am pleased to the left, and spare me the left, O God, make me of all that matters to me and distress me, whether from my minimum order and my end, a way out and a way out, and grant me in terms of no I count, and forgive me my sins, and hold your hope in my heart, and cut it off from you except you, so that I hope no one but you, whoever is satisfied with all of his creation, and no one is satisfied with him of his creation, oh one, who has no one, the hope has ceased except from you.
  • O God, forgive us our sins that destroy the infallibility, O God, forgive us the sins that bring down shame, O God, forgive us the sins that change the blessings, O God, forgive us the sins that lock up the supplication, O God, forgive us the sins that descend the calamity, O God, forgive us for all the sin I committed, and every sin I have sinned .
  • O God, we ask you a question whose poverty has intensified, and He descended upon you upon adversity his need, and greatness in what you have his desire, O God, greatness of your authority and supremacy of your place, and the appearance of your matter, and the conquest of your rule, and we cannot escape from your wisdom, O God, may we be more merciful than our mothers upon us, O God, Amen, O Lord of the worlds .
  • God suffices us. He will bring us from His grace to God willing.
  • Oh God, preach goodness to me, as Jacob preached Joseph, and preached joy to me, as Zechariah preached to Yahya.
  • Oh God, I ask you, O those who are not mistreated by the issues, whoever does not occupy it, he hears about hearing, O who does not conclude the insistence of the composers, Oh God, I seek refuge in you from the effort of misfortune and the grief of misery, and the poor judiciary, and the gloating of enemies, O God, reveal to me and all Muslims all the distress, distress and anguish Oh God, I ask you soon, and I cannot stand what I can and cannot stand, O God, relieve me and all Muslims of all their distress and distress, and bring me and the Muslims out of all anguish and sorrow.
  • O God, do not deprive us of the mercy of your mercy, the transcendence of your grace , the inclusion of your well-being , and the greatness of your giving, and do not prevent me from your gifts because of what I have, and do not reward me with the ugliness of my work, and do not distract your honorable face from me with your mercy, O Most Merciful.
  • Oh God, I ask you in my prayers and prayers for a blessing in which my heart will be cleansed, reveal my anguish, forgive my sin and fix my matter with it, and sing my poverty with it, and go with my evil, reveal my illusion and my sorrow , and heal my sickness, and eliminate my religion, and manifest my sorrow , and gather together with me , And bleaches out my face.
  • O God, grant me contentment and peace of mind, O God, do not break me at noon and make no need for me, and do not exalt me ​​for something, O God, do not bow me to me and do not reveal a veil for me .

Verses on relieving worry and eliminating religion

The Qur'an includes many Quranic verses that talk about relieving anxiety and eliminating religion. They are as follows:
  • God Almighty said: (With hardship, it is easy * With hardship, it is easy.) [14]
  • God Almighty said: “God does not cost a soul except what He has given, and He will make God after a hardship easy.” [15]
  • God Almighty said: (Or suppose that you will enter Paradise and what Iotkm such as those who passed away before you touched Alboads and woe and Zlzloa even the Apostle says , and those who believe with him when Nasrallah Nasrallah not recently). [16]
  • God Almighty said: (He is the one who shows you his signs and brings to you from the sky a living and what he remembers except those who act on his behalf). [17]
  • God Almighty said: (who Asircm on land and sea , even if you were in astronomy and Green their wind good , and rejoiced by Jaetha stormy wind and came to them waves from everywhere , and they thought they surrounded them called God faithful to him religion while Ongittena of this shall certainly be thankful). [18]
  • God Almighty said: (Say : “Whoever saves you from the darkness of righteousness and the sea, you call him a supplication and a secret, so that from this we will be among those who are thankful.”) Say: “Verily!” [19]
  • God Almighty said: “O people, remember the blessings of God be upon you. Are you from a creator other than God? He gives you from the heavens and the earth, except for God.” [20]
  • God Almighty said: (Do they not see that God simplifies the provision for those who want it, and it is estimated that there are signs of those who believe?) [21]
  • God Almighty said: (So ​​seek God's sustenance, worship Him, and give Him thanks to Him, and you will return). [22]
  • God Almighty said: (And command your family to pray, and be patient with it. We do not ask you for sustenance, we provide you and the consequence of piety). [23]
  • God Almighty said: (And how many living creatures do not carry their livelihood God bless us and you and is the Hearing , the Knowing * While I asked them from the creation of the heavens and the earth and the sun and the moon closer to Allaah : Then Aavkon * Allah enlarges the provision for whom He wills of His slaves , and is estimated to him that God 's knowledge of all things). [24]

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