The story of the people of the cave


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Stories in the Holy Quran

The Holy Qur'an was concerned with arranging the events of the previous nations and explaining them to the immortal nation of Islam, and this interest is not in a place of increase or narration and random narration;

The verses of the Qur'an included three types of stories. The first style was the remembrance of the prophets, their resurrection and their miracles, the positions of their people and the reward of those who believed in them or disbelievers. As for the second type, it is concerned with mentioning major accidents and great stories, such as the mention of Karun , the owners of the cave, and the owners of the elephant. As for the third type, its scope was related to the events of the resurrection of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and the course of his vocation and conquests, such as the mention of nostalgia, and the legislation of rulings as in the story of the argument. [1]

The method of the Qur’an in the stories is based on the objectivity of presenting the story and bringing it from history to be exposed to its pure origin from distortion and change, and the objective transfer contributes to revealing the veil about the origins of the laws, and making the listener of the verses and his contemporaries present in a disciplined, present, and present-minded manner including God made in their stories right and a lesson, and a believer at the invitation of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and what is clear to him the strength of the Holy Qur'an and likeness, and then evoke the lesson and the establishment of the argument and understanding Altchera . The Qur’anic narrative, which is directed to work in the spirit, brings a sense of responsibility and belonging to the Qur’anic story. In the story, what is achieved is achieved through the impact of other verses, their spirituality and their miracles. [2]

The story of the people of the cave

Description Koran owners cave descriptions grainy reflect what holds the characters of the story and the heroes of the values represent the demand of faith in God alone, the Almighty said: (We are the lack of you Nbohm the right young they believed in their Lord and Zdnahm Huda) . [3] In the news of the cave owners that they fled their religion from a king who appeared in their city, and he worshiped idols and worshiped his people, so these boys left him to a cave outside the city, fleeing their religion. The accounts agree that the boys were on the religion of Jesus, son of MaryPeace be upon him, and that the name of the king infidel Dgiws or Dguenios, and the name of the city , which is ruled by Ephesus or said Tarsus, and of them came out the young fear of the king on their religion and themselves, and they were seven as likely commentators cite as mentioned by the Koran, the Almighty said: (They will say three fourth , They say their dog five Vhm their dog and say , stoning the unseen seven Thamnhm their dog say : My Lord knows what Bdhm teach only a few in them , but there is no doubt Substantially Visible and Tsf including one of them) , [4]In that it was said that the negation of the first and second censuses appeared by following the sentence (by stoning the unseen); that is, tossing the unseen without confirmation or evidence, then the census resumed to disclose the true number, so they were seven and eighth their dog, and God knows best. [5] [6] [7]

Boys exit to the cave

It was said in the conditions of the boys that they were among the sons of the elders or the sons of kings, and that they were young, and that King Diqnius was circling the cities of the Romans, so that no one would keep the religion of Jesus, son of MaryPrayers and peace be upon him except killing him, and the boys denied the worship of idols and the people of King Diqnius and disguised their condition, so remember with Diqnius that among the sons of your court who disobey your order and spoil your gods, then gathered the young Diknius and ordered them to follow him, and then sell them Consistency on their religion and their determination to stick to it and defend it, then he saw that he would make an appointment for them to seek their return to him and his gods, and he would not delay their account except for considering the modernity of their age and their ignorance of what may be done in them by killing, bloodshed and suspending their body parts on a The gate of the city, as it does for someone other than his religion, and Dknius set out outside the city seeking an order, so the boys gathered on the retirement of people and fleeing to a cave in a mountain on the outskirts of the city called Binglis, so they worshiped God and occupied all their time with supplication and remembranceAnd they made one of them for their food and his name was Malikh, so if he wanted to go to the city market, he put his clothes on which he was known for his honor and lineage and wear torn garments in which he hides his people from the city, so he returns to his friends with food and sustenance without anyone feeling it. [8] [9]

The return of the king

When King Deqnius returned to Medina, he asked the boys for their sake, which he delayed for them. The people mentioned to him what was their matter. During sleep. Then God sent a king over the religion of Jesus, son of MaryPrayers and peace be upon him was during his reign that God authorized the opening of the cave by the hand of a shepherd who intended the cave to protect his sheep from rain, so God sent the companions of the cave and they differed in the duration of their sleep, then they sent Mulekhah based on their food to buy for them, so every time he passed a landmark People denied him and gathered to ask about his matter, then they raised his matter to the king and told stories, so the king and his people followed him to the cave to witness the source of his companions. , They built them a church and a mosque in which to pray. [10] [11] [12] [13]

Suitable story of the people of the cave in the Holy Quran

Surah Al-Kahf was revealed in confirmation of the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, and in confirmation of his message, because the infidels of Quraysh sent Al-Nazr bin Al-Harith and Uqba ibn Abi Mu’ait to the rabbis of the Jews, they asked them in the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, so they returned to Al-Nadhar and three of them The cave, the second of which is the circling man, and the third of the Spirit, so the revelation of the Messenger of God slowed five days, then he brought it to Surah Al-Kahf, and the news of the owners of the cave, which is two centuries , and the verse was revealed : (And they ask you about the Spirit) . [14] [15]

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