The most beautiful thing in separation

We mention to you in this article the most beautiful verses of poetry that talked about separation


  • 1 The most beautiful verses of Fadwa Toukan
  • 2 The most beautiful verses of Nizar Qabbani
  • 3 The most beautiful verses of Marwan bin Muhammad
  • 4 The most beautiful verses of Bahauddin Zuhair

The most beautiful verses Fadwa Toukan

How much they ask
Who do you see chanting?
These soft-hearted songs
Bright as warm as bright
Burdened with tender
It is your great passion
This is what you arm
You are giving treasures of feeling
Who is full of goodness
From your blooming succulent spirit
Perhaps the best person
Perhaps the most worthy person
With all this humiliation, this generosity
I lower the tip and stay on
My dubious silence, mysterious I do not answer
But a satirical voice in pain
From the heart of the wound of remorse
Poured into the vague Aghaware
Again in a rich song
Mocking sad, bitter laughter

Perhaps the best person
Perhaps the most worthy person
With all this generosity, this generosity
Be ashamed, and be ashamed if they knew
What you are or what you are

The most beautiful verses of Nizar Qabbani

Let's separate a little
For the good of this love, my love and our goodness
Let's separate a little
Because I want to increase my love
I want to hate me for a bit
What we really have
Whoever mentioned Ghalia was on both of us
With great love
It is still inscribed on our mouth
It's still engraved on our hands
For what you wrote to me
And your transplanted face is like a rose in me
And love the rest on my hair, on my fingertips
For our memories
Our beautiful sorrow and smile
And our love that is greater than our words
Greater than our lips
Truly the sweetest story of love in our lives
I ask you to leave
Let's separate loved ones
Birds every season
The hillside parting
And the sun, my love
It is sweeter when you try to be absent
Be in my life suspicion and torment
Once upon a time, be a legend
Once, be a mirage
And be a question in my mouth
He does not know the answer
One of the most beautiful wonderful love
The heart and fringes reside in us
And to always be beautiful
And to be more close
I ask you to go
Let's be separated and we are lovers
Let us separate despite all love and affection
It is through tears, my love
I want to see me
And through fire and smoke
I want to see me
Let's be burned, to cry, my love
We have forgotten
The blessing of crying from time ago
Let's break up
So that our love does not become a habit
We longed ashes
The flowers wither in the pots
Rest assured, baby
Your love is still full of conscience
I am still taken with your great love
I still dream that you will be mine
O Persian, you, my prince
But I do, but I do
I am afraid of my affection
I am afraid of my feelings
I am afraid that we will get tired of our longings
I am afraid of our salon
I am afraid of our embrace
In the name of wonderful love
Blooming like spring in our depths
It shines like the sun in our pupils
In the name of the sweetest love story of our time
I ask you to leave
Until our love remains beautiful
Until it is long life
I ask you to leave

The most beautiful verses of Marwan bin Mohammed

And still calls me to repel what I see
Abi and bend me that you have in my chest
And he was dear to me
Hijab, I have ten days from you
And you are God and the heart is my knowledge
If I increased the same number of women, I would be confined to a month
And greater than these two, I swear
I am afraid we will not meet late
I will cry for you, not anticipating an abundance
And not asking for patience, the consequence of patience
The night of the bastard on the cell is short
And without love for the beloved is easy
That those who love them bear endurance
Parting from someone who loves you is difficult
Let me send a departure for them
It smashes faces and chests
Sir, I hope
God pleaded with you to taste them

The most beautiful verses of Bahauddin Zuhair

O who is absent from me and he is my soul
How can my soul be broken?
You are from semen
O grave of the beloved, I wanted to
I carried it even on my eyes

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