The meaning of the name Romisa

The meaning of the name Romisa

  • It is a distinguished Arabic name.
  • It is the name of a feminine science.
  • A little of it is called Rumaisa.
  • It means covered and hidden women.
  • It means a woman like an eye ploy.
  • Means a beautiful, charming girl who does not reveal secrets; rather, she is a secret keeper.
  • Meaning polite and lovable girl.
  • I mean, the girl who has wide beautiful eyes, and has a unique and distinct personality.

Rumaisa (Umm Salim)

  • Umm Salim is famous for her nickname and disagreed on her name, it was said.
  • It is easy and it was said Rumaila and it was said Malika.
  • She is the mother of Salim bint Malhan bin Khalid bin Zaid bin Haram bin Jund bin Amer bin Ghanem bin Uday bin Najjar.
  • It was described by many descriptions, including: Graba, or garb, or Romansa.
  • Her brother: Haram bin Malhan.
  • I converted to Islam with the ex-ansar from Ansar.
  • She is the first woman whose dowry was Islam.
  • Al-Bukhari narrated from the hadith of Jabir bin Abdullah, may God be pleased with them, who said: The Prophet said: (You saw me I entered Paradise, and if I was in jersey, the woman of Abu Talha and I heard a rumble, I said: Who is this? Then I looked at him and I remembered your jealousy. Omar said to my father and my mother, O Messenger of God: I raise you to be jealous).

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