The meaning of the name Dalia

The meaning of the name Dalia

A feminine name is common in the Arabic and Hebrew languages, and it is found in the origin of the Arabic language and its source is vineyard. As for its meaning in the Hebrew language and its source is a summit or the tip of the branch, and through it is referred to the tip of grapes and olive trees, in addition to that there is a reference to this name in some of the Holy Books Talmud.

People may mistake the confusion of Dalia in the Hebrew language between the first meaning in it and the name by which the Dahlia flower in English is referred to as the famous Swedish botanist Anders D.

The name Dalia is a famous name and it is, in addition to the foregoing, refers to the well-known feminine names in Lithuania, which means fate or end. It is taken from the name of a female goddess in the Lithuanian mythology. Dalia is also called a girl carrying grapes and hemophilia.

The meaning of the name Dalia

The name Daliyeh means the heartbeat, which is the fruit of the palm tree in one of its stages, as it came in the tongue of the Arabs by Ibn Manzur: Varicose veins are functional signifiers, and they are a delight in a mystery that is suspended.

The names of the flag named on flowers and roses

  • Rehana: Collected in the download: (And love with raging and basil) [Rahman: 12], and it is the name of an Arab feminine science, and it means everything that smells of flowers, and also means soft and gentle women.
  • Jasmine: Jasmine is one of the aromatic trees, and it is called in Arabic (sumac).
  • Zahra: a feminine flag, called good, reddish, and bright, and it is bright white, bright and clear.
  • A rose: It was mentioned in the Qur’an in the Almighty saying: (So ​​if the sky was split, then it was a rose like the paint) [Rahman: 37], which is the name of an Arab feminine science, and its meaning is a flower known for its colors and fragrance, and it means red rose.
  • Narcissus: the name of a feminine science is rooted in the name of a Greek male, " Narcissus ", and his name was associated with a Greek legend about a beautifully-faced boy who looked at his image in the water and loved it, so he kept pondering it until he died, and a place of his death grew a flower that bore his name, then the name moved through the Persians, meaning A yellow field flower, while the Kurds say it: Narcissus, and Armenians: Narcissus.
  • Fella: The name of a feminine science is derived from ful. It is a flower plant that resembles jasmine with a pleasant smell and pure white color. It is also called lily jasmine.

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