The first to consider a week seven days


  • 1 opinions on the first to be considered a week seven days
  • 2 Roman calendar
  • 3 The original name for the days of the week
  • 4 Beginning of the week
  • 5 References

Opinions about the first to be considered a week seven days

According to the Torah, which estimated the time of creation to be seven days, some link the original consideration of the week with seven days to the ancient Jews, as it states that God created the universe in six days and sat on the seventh day on the throne, but there is other evidence that indicates that the Jews borrowed the idea of ​​the week from Mesopotamia, because the Sumerians and Babylonians divided the months into weeks, and divided the week into seven days. [1]

Roman calendar

Became seven days a week , part of the Roman calendar in 321 AD, and was carrying orbs names as follows: the sun, the moon, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, they believed that the rotation of the planets around the Earth affect the events, and adopted the majority of Western European countries Roman designations, then four of them were later replaced by the names of the Roman deities, [2] and the Roman calendar was not adopted on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, for the first day of the holiday was called Domingo, which is a Latin word meaning the day of the Lord, and the second day is called Sabado, a Hebrew word meaning Saturday He is yo Rest. [3]

The origin of the naming of the days of the week

The table below shows the origin of the naming for the days of the week [4] :
Today Etymology
Sunday the sun
Monday the moon
Tuesday It was called Teo, the god of war, and it is the name of Ibn Odin
Wednesday It was called Religion.
Thursday He was called Thor, the god of thunder and heaven, and the name of the eldest son of Odin.
Friday He was called Freej, the god of love and fertility, and the name of Odin's wife.
Saturday It is named Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture and fertility.

Beginning of the week

The week begins with regard to the Jewish and Christian religions from Sunday, because they considered the sun the main god of the Roman state, and it was said that the Romans adopted Sunday as the first day of the week based on that the sun is the head of the group of stars, and considered the second day the moon, because it is closest to the sun in brightness and size; He draws his light from her. [5]

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