The easiest diet


  • 1 Means to get rid of extra pounds
  • 2 A healthy, low-calorie diet
  • 3 general advice for easy diet
  • 4 types of weight loss diets
    • 4.1 Low-calorie diet
    • 4.2 A very low calorie diet
    • 4.3 Low-starch diet
    • 4.4 Low-fat diet
  • 5 Sports to lose weight
  • 6 References

Means to get rid of extra weight

More than 60% of the community suffers from an overweight problem (BMI between 25-29 kg / m2), which is considered one of the most important risks of chronic diseases such as diabetes , stress and heart disease . [1] There are many ways to lose weight, such as eating a diet, increasing physical activity, adjusting lifestyle, using medications or resorting to surgeries. It is worth noting that following a healthy and balanced diet combined with exercising and adjusting the lifestyle to become healthier is the ideal solution to get rid of excess weight and accumulated fat, in addition to the continuity of maintaining the ideal weight for life. [2]
It is worth noting that gradual weight loss is the right way to get rid of fat in the long run. Diets that promote the disposal of tens of kilograms in short periods of time are wrong and unhealthy, and have a negative impact on human health. As the US National Institutes of Health indicated that a healthy weight loss should be at 10% of body weight as a primary goal for weight loss. A decrease of 5-10% of body weight reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke . [1]

A healthy, low-calorie diet

This diet contains approximately 1,200 calories that can be distributed throughout the day as follows: [3]
Food group Number of servings taken per day Example
Starches Four servings Bread, rice, pasta, freekeh and potatoes
fruits A cup of sliced ​​fruit Apples, oranges, kiwi, and berries
Vegetables And a half cup of chopped vegetables Cucumber, tomato, carrot and lettuce
Milk and dairy Two and a half cups of low-fat Milk, yogurt, labneh, and cheese
Meat and legumes Three servings Chicken, fish, red meat, eggs, lentils, and white beans

General advice for easy diet

The easiest diet is the one that contains all food groups without deleting any food group from them during the diet, so that the body can obtain all its energy needs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals . [4] One of the most important things to consider when starting any diet: [4] [5]
  • Focus on and diversify fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose whole grains, and increase the fiber intake .
  • Choose low-fat milk and milk.
  • Choose lean meats from fish, poultry, and meat.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Exercise and physical activity.
  • Do not neglect breakfast.
  • Eat in a small bowl.
  • Read the food labels to see the product contents of calories and fat.

Types of weight loss diets

A reliable study conducted in Canada showed that diets can be classified into four basic groups: [1] [2]
  • Low-calorie diet.
  • A very low calorie diet.
  • Low carbohydrate diet.
  • Low-fat diet.

Low-calorie diet

It is a nutritional diet that gives about 1,200 calories per day. It is considered relatively high in starches and low in fat. When you follow a low calorie diet we get good results regarding weight loss and getting rid of belly fat , and it is worth noting that this diet is the best among other types of diets especially if it contains whole grains of carbohydrates, which increases the consumption of fibers, and speeds up From weight loss, through which a person can maintain an ideal weight for as long as possible when associated with physical activity and exercise. [1] [2]

Very low calorie diet

It is a diet that gives about 800 calories per day, as it is considered a high protein diet, and the effectiveness of this type of diet lies during the first three months of its followers. Where studies have shown that this diet loses its effectiveness in the long run, especially as it is difficult to adhere to it for a long time. Although this diet guarantees a rapid decrease in weight, it has side effects that may lead to diseases if a person does not follow a nutritional specialist during the period following the diet. [1] [2]

Low carbohydrate diet

It is a very low starch diet, with a rate of (3-10% of the total energy intake). It is considered high in protein and fats. The spread of such diets by eliminating starches such as bread, rice and pasta from the diet. It is not recommended to follow such diets, especially since they have a negative impact on the size of the muscle mass in the body. It is worth noting that this type of diet is limited in the long run, and it threatens people with chronic diseases because of the focus on eating fats and proteins and deleting the group of starches necessary for the body during the period following this diet. [1]

Low-fat diet

It is a low-fat diet (10-15% of total energy intake). It is considered a high diet with carbohydrates and fiber. The trend began for such diets in people with cardiovascular diseases, as it has proven effective in improving the health status of patients, in addition to its success in getting rid of excess weight and fat in the body, and studies have shown that such diets give good efficacy in the long run, but consumption of starches in quantities High leads to an increase in the percentage of triglycerides in the body. In addition, following this diet leads to consuming twice as much fiber as the body needs, which inhibits the absorption of minerals in the intestine, and increases the problems of the digestive system . [1] [2]

Sports to lose weight

A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Diets showed that exercising with a healthy diet gives much better results in losing weight than exercising alone or following a diet alone. [6] The combination of exercise and diet not only guarantees the process of losing weight, but also helps build muscle mass in the body, and gives the person a sense of vigor and vitality. A moderate exercise such as walking for half an hour to an hour on a daily basis enhances the process of losing weight and getting rid of accumulated fat in the body, especially in the abdominal area. [2] [6]

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