The difference between the year and the year in the Qur'an


  • 1 Miracles in the Qur'an
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Miracles in the Qur'an

God made swt every prophet of prophets a miracle supported by them, be extraordinary even people believe it is a prophet of God, came shows them the path of righteousness and uniformity , and to make these miracles fit the nature of the tribes that sent them prophets , peace be upon them, as they were Sensual and temporary in the time of the Prophet, such as: Jesus and Moses , peace be upon them, but Muhammad - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - was sent a prophet to all people for every time, and the miracle of the Holy Qur’an was so miraculous , that no one of mankind or of the jinn could do the same, because of its miraculous properties Even though God Almighty challenged humanity , The committees of the society combined to bring something to be recited that is similar to the Holy Qur’an, but no one could do that. God Almighty said:(Say: While mankind and jinn have gathered together to come up with a parable of this Qur’an, they do not come up with the same paradigm, even if it is some of it . ) [1] [2]

The difference between Sunnah and General in the Qur'an

One of the reasons that made the Holy Qur’an a miracle is that it cannot be done in the same way: that God Almighty put every word in it in its proper place, as every word has a meaning that it performs in its place in the fullest way, and examples of verbal use of the year and year in the places that suit them , which carry all the meaning of the word is different from the other, God Almighty said in Surat Spider: (We sent Noah to his people tarried among them a thousand years only fifty years seized them the flood and they are unjust) , [3] and I have differed Explainers in Allfezan interpretation of these two, and a statement on As follows:
  • The first group of interpreters went on to say that the difference of the two verbs is for verbal wisdom only, so that the word is not repeated twice in succession so that its mention becomes heavy on the tongue, so wisdom changes the word unless there is a need for glorification and exaggeration.
  • The second group of interpreters went on to say that the Sunnah among the Arabs is called the difficult years that passed through hardship and hardship for people, and this is appropriate for Noah , peace be upon him. The days that followed the Flood that God Almighty established in the general word, when the people of unbelief perished, and fertile and prosperous days passed on the earth, as it is also indicated that the words of years suited the conversation about the days of unbelief to destroy them, and a general term came to describe the days that Noah spent - peace be upon him - With those who believe in it.
Ragheb Isfahani said: year as the year; however , the Arabs launched a year on the days of distress and famine, and the public on the days of prosperity and tender, and also used the word year in Surah Yusuf : ( a year in which people Agat and it Aasron) ; [4] where a century year term Bagheit, was Before that came the term of the years with gravity and the continuous work to confront it, and God Almighty said: (He said : You shall plant seven years of perseverance) . [5] [6]

Words separated by the Qur’an

There are several words for which the Noble Qur’an has used synonyms to convey more than one of them, and to explain some of them as follows: [7]
  • The Noble Qur’an distinguished between the two words: verb and action, even though they are very close in meaning, so the word action was used for work that has an extension in time, and a need for reflection, reflection and diligence, and therefore this word was not attributed to God Almighty, nor to one of his attributes, but rather it was assigned to man and his diligence in his works, God Almighty said: (from bad work is not rewarded only like her) , [8] he also said: (They found what they did , present) , [9] while mentioned the word did isnad to God; it does not need time or to Thinking, so he came in the Noble Qur’an: (But God does what He wants . ) [10]
  • In the Noble Qur’an, God Almighty distinguished between the verbal: jihad and fighting, even though the two terms are very close in meaning, except that jihad is broader and more comprehensive than fighting, and therefore the word fighting was used for the one who fights in order to uphold the word of God Almighty. God Almighty said: (They fight for Allah kill and kill) , [11] he also said: (It is fighting for God killed or more) , [12] while came the word jihad to call for the sake of Allah, and the dissemination of the Islamic religion is a word more comprehensive than fighting, God Almighty said: ( O Prophet, strive for unbelievers and hypocrites. Close to them) , [13] and he also said:(Do not obey the disbelievers and strive hard on them with great effort) . [14]
  • God teams Almighty in the Qur'an between verbal: rain and Ghaith, with the strong convergence of Fezan in meaning; but God Almighty used the term Ghaith in the citizen of mercy and goodness bumper, he said: (who come down Ghaith after what Qntoa publishes his mercy) , [15] And God Almighty has passed the word rain with torment and destruction, where he said: (And we showered them with rain, and see how the end of the criminals was) . [16]

Aspects of miracles in the Qur'an

There are several places in the Holy Qur’an that prove to be a miracle, and some of them are explained as follows: [17]
  • Ijaz place in Surat Rum; where Allah Almighty at the beginning of Surah Rum : (Romans have been defeated * in the lowest land , and they after their victorious * In a few years) , [18] In the previous verses and the two sides of the miracles: first miracles in the place; When God Almighty said on the lowest earth, he described the land inhabited by the Romans, they inhabited the Jordan Valley and Wadi Araba, which is the lowest point on the surface of the earth as scientists found later, and the struggle was continuing between the Romans and the Persians, and a major battle took place in which the Persians defeated the Romans It was in the Dead Sea region .
  • The miracle of time in Surat Al-Roum, where God Almighty said: (And after their victory, they will be victorious * in a few years) , [19] When the Persians defeated the Romans, the joy of the infidels of Makkah was so joyful. The Persians defeated the Romans, so God Almighty sent the verses to preach to the Muslims that the ball would return and the Romans would win over the Persians in a few years, and the years passed until the seventh year arrived, and the Romans triumphed over the Persians , so the Muslims rejoiced at the victory of the Romans and many Muslims created after they saw that miracle.

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