The benefits of hot pepper


  • 1 pain reliever
  • 2 Cancer control
  • 3 Stimulate collagen production
  • 4 References


Contains capsaicin, which is the main biologically active compound in hot pepper, which has some unique properties. (or Kabsaesen) frequently to the detriment of pain receptors over time, leading to desensitization of flavored scorching hot pepper, it also makes the pain receptors is sensitive to other forms of pain, such as: heartburn stomachCaused by acid reflux. One study found that when 2.5 grams of hot red pepper are given daily to patients with indigestion, the pain worsened at the start of treatment for 5 weeks, but improved over time. However, the effect of desensitization is not always permanent, as one study found that the effect is reversed 1-3 days after the consumption of capsaicin has stopped. [1]

Fighting cancer

The main health ingredient in hot pepper is capsaicin, which is the ingredient that gives peppers heat. The Journal of Cancer Research has demonstrated that the effectiveness of capsaicin in suppressing the growth of prostate cancer cells has been proven, as the antioxidant nature of capsaicin can combat cell damage caused by free radicals, according to the Society American Cancer The hot pepper contains a very low calorie content and is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. [2]

Stimulating collagen production

Fresh red and green hot peppers are a very rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very necessary for the human body because of its antioxidant properties and it has a very important role in the manufacture of collagen inside the body. Collagen is one of the most important structural proteins needed to maintain the integrity of blood vessels, skin and bones. [3]

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