Strong verse

Strong verse

The Arabs were famous in the past for eloquence, eloquence, and the saying of poetry, so one of their entourage in their councils was the debate (dialogue with poetry; that is, one of them says a house or verses of poetry and the other person also responds to poetry). Expressed by:

  • Thanks:
Bare me a tongue, O poetry of thanksgiving, and to say thank you, because I was not from a hair and came to me with sunlight and full moon to see with you the light of the sun shines and the full moon for the poet (Maarouf Al-Rusafi)

  • Spelling means (defamation):
O evil, whoever bore a leg on foot is like what you say in the people, it is possible that the government is not in your father or in a community, you are among them. The whites are incapable of beautiful, so how is the black testicle Abu al-Tayyib al-Mutanabi

  • Lamentation:
They called and said, I wanted a horse with a knight, and I said: I worship God that bad thing.

  • Enthusiasm:
The sword is the most reliable news from the books alone. The boundary between grandfather and play is the eggs of the plates. I do not black the sheets in their content. The suspicion is clear. My dear father is completely created for war. I protect it. I cool down and pronounced it when it penetrates.

  • spinning:
Would it not have been new for the youth to be new and forever, he took - oh Butheen - back
So we stay as we were while you were near, and you are making little
And I do not forget things I do not forget to say, and I have brought me closer to Egypt, you want
Jamil Bin Al Muammar (Jamil Buthaina)

  • Praise:
Spreading your hands, the beds of sheaths for an important harvest and a guilty emptiness, except for an invasion that annihilates the enemy to God from his conquest and the struggle of what he preserved the religion of Muhammed, except with your sword on every hangman and the emergence of banners, fuel hordes, the heroes of the ball and the hatred of Ibn Hamidis.

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