Song lyrics more than the first love you


  • 1 The singer Dreams
  • 2 songs that Ahlam presented to the audience
    • 2.1 More than I love you
    • 2.2 Love me or someone else
    • 2.3 You don't know why I'm upset

The singer Dreams

She is Ahlam Ali Hazeem Al Shamsi. She was born on February 12, 1969 in Muharraq - Bahrain, married to Mubarak Al-Hajri, and the great artist Mohammed Abdo called her "Arab Artist", and she is the first Gulf singer who started her activities in this art from 1994 until now.

The artist knew Ahlam that she was difficult to walk, and did not accept anything, and this is evident from her lifestyle and art, and if she had not been so, she would not have reached what she is now. Ahlam married the car racing champion Mubarak Al-Hajri, and she has three sons and two daughters, and she lives on the move between Qatar and Dubai, and she has several properties in different countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, London and others.

Ahlam recently joined one of the amateur programs, to be a member of the ruling committee responsible for evaluating the presenters of this program, and was accompanied by the artist Ragheb Alama, and the composer Hassan Shafi’i, and in the second season of this program Nancy Ajram joined them, and in the third season, Ragheb Alama withdrew for several reasons, including Not agreeing with the artist, dreams and many problems between them.

The songs that Ahlam presented to the audience

Ahlam sang several songs, including:

More than the first I love you

More than the first I love you, but I do not want to say
I am afraid if I say that you will show me once
Frankly, I love you a reasonable love
The biggest guide to your yields is my change once
Clear my tears to my eagerness until the eyes say
The best words I memorize and lost from a look
When you tell me, I love you, he turns in astonishment
From my joy in you, my voice suffocates the lesson
Do not feel the feelings of absence in the long time
And grow in your absence in the middle of the cinder
All people love them with a drop of tendencies and tendencies
And your love is a sea, and you will bring a drop at the sea
I do not exaggerate if I say and I exaggerate I am responsible
I believe in a worldly sense by the way

Love me or love me

Love me or love others I have become a fantasy in my life
Satisfied and know my financial destiny in your heart field
You are lying or frank, it is only true
Do not cheat on your soul and my soul, do not betray honesty
I can afford my wounds, this is not a problem
The strong is what is shaken by wind, and what is true is true
I know your love and love from one side only
I used to hold you in my heart and force it, and this is wrong
One day I saw him wounded, it is only true
I did not declare my stubbornness, and I do not seem ego
But it became normal your absence like attendance
I say farther, rest, and what is only right

You don't know why I'm upset

Do you know why I get upset?
I adore you and I die in you
Khater broke without me
And my heart shall be broken
If seconds leave me
Depressed and hate my time
Do not let me suffer
You are my life partner
Do you know why I get upset?
Take care and defy your circumstances
And make my days happy by seeing you
Why are you after you? Why are you afraid?
My heart lasted in your hands
Your love reveals with my eyes
My smiles and my love
And you are not patient without me
I love you and love you
You don't know why I'm upset
I hate the world without you
And retire them in your eyes
He who loves you does not betray you
If you see you get upset
I provoke you out of my mind
I abandon you and say normal
From my mind Foadi
For your satisfaction, I will answer you
Do not know why I upset you

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