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We mention to you in this article the most beautiful verses affecting various topics, so we put in your hands short verses for every place that can tell us about the poet’s intent and feelings.

Freedom is a lofty and great goal that many human beings and even animals seek, and they fight for, for freedom carries many wonderful symbols. And we will begin our discussion of the most beautiful verses said in freedom.


  • 1 selected verses describing freedom
  • 2 selected verses describing Palestine
  • 3 selected verses describing the mother
  • 4 selected verses describing the father

Selected verses describing freedom

My teacher once told us about something called freedom
So I kindly asked the professor to speak Arabic
What is this term, what does it mean and anything free?
Is it a Greek term for some periods?

Or things we import or national manufactures?
Our teacher answered with grief and blood flowing spontaneously
They have forgotten you all the history and all the upper values
I regret that generations do not understand the meaning of freedom
Do not have a sword or a pen, do not carry an ideology or identity
I learned of the death of our teacher in the individual cells
She vowed that while God restored me, she would have lived the rest
To answer the entire earth in search of the meaning of freedom
I went to our nation's clubs to ask them where is freedom
So they frightened from my sight as if it were atomic bombs
It will explode over their heads and annihilate all humanity
Do we live in lost time, humiliation and recession?
Freedom is flowers and has an aromatic smell

Selected verses describing Palestine

God created me and created my training
It made me proud and made me Palestinian
The challenge sowed blood in my arteries
The revolution blew up clay stones
The banners of the certain victory were raised
The Book of God and the Sunnah of Ashraf Al-Mursalni
I shouted with a burial right
And a volcanic fire ignited them
She refused to undergo a forehead fracture.
I only want to die with an honor that will revive me
In a nation that has forgotten the Muslim championships
Omar Ibn Al-Khattab and Salah Al-Din
From under the buzzing bullets I sing
Long live the Nation of Al-Fateh and Abu Ammar
The enemies of God are the sons of Al-Khanaziri
They spoiled and destroyed olive and fig trees
They killed children as cold as a snake
And cut their pieces with stones and knives
And the women were raped in the fields
They defiled the Book of God on the view of millions
Where is the nation of Islam and the Mujahideen
Where did God fear him in Jerusalem, it was defiled by the Zionists

Selected verses describing the mother

And my mother when she met me
And warm me with hugs
And she bends her breasts
Say goodbye to all my sorrows
I have my love and charity
I have my soul and my compassion
I will redeem it
I give it great love
Nice friendliness, guide her
It has myself and what is in it
Almighty God Bariha
Great destiny
You are appreciated, my mother
Blessing forever
Smile with your smile
With happiness, my concern became clear
In Sahoui and Naoumi
My prayers are my faith
She gave friendliness and love
You put forth soul and heart
I installed the hard boat
I removed grief and anguish
You endowed the sweet and soft manhole
It floods the light of the Qur’an

Selected verses describing the father

The house is built only on the ground
And you are the foundation of the house and you are its victims
Absolutely love your hands, Yahiba and Alras
No matter how old she grows, the world will rest
Your religion is lost in our necks
The rest of the day is religion
Your love wonders in our hearts
What the years change
Without God then you are
We never came today
And one day you are tired
Oyama, sleep with you
We looked at you children
Even to yourself
You are tired
In your day and hold
Oh river overflowing with tenderness
And there is no day for us
Cloud and obesity
In it we lived and lived
We haven't forgotten your carpet
The time of prayer drenches your tears with too much reverence
We didn't forget to see you in the evening
We are investigating your return time

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