Ruling on a wife coming from the back passage


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God Almighty created husbands from everything, where God Almighty said: (And of everything we have created two wives, so that you may remember) ; [1] This is because of the architecture of the earth, since intermarriage is the basis of reproduction and multiplication on earth with all God’s creatures. With it, and the marriage began for them within certain limits set by the Holy Qur’an and the Messenger - may God bless him and grant him peace - in the prophetic Sunnah , when the Imam Muslim narrated in his Sahih that the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said: (Oh Muasher of the youth: whoever of you who is able to do so may marry, because he Turn a blind eye, and guard against the vulva, and who could not Why fast, for it is for him and came) , [2] through marriage purifies souls, and one maintains his religion and morals, just as a group of scholarsThey required marriage for the Almighty, because in order to achieve many of the benefits and religious and worldly fruits, however, Satan tries to repel marriage by several methods, including: refraining from the suitor, or by maximizing the dowry of the fiancée. He said: (If those of you who accept your religion and its morals come to you then marry him) , [3] and by marriage many benefits will be realized, such as fortification of relief, turning a blind eye, purification and purification of souls, establishing the orders of God Almighty that He commanded, and increasing the numbers of Muslims. [4]

Ruling on a wife coming from the back passage

For a husband to come to his wife from her path, i.e. from the place where the feces come out, is forbidden, as it is considered a major sin, and the evidence for that is the saying of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace: (Cursed is he who comes to a woman in her anus) , [5] The Messenger cursed about the husband who comes His wife who managed it, and it was stated in another narration that the Messenger - may God bless him and grant him peace - said: (Whoever comes menstruating or a woman in her path, or a priest: He disbelieves in what was revealed to Muhammad) , [6] and it may be that the husband’s doing that act is the desire of the husband With it, or it may be without the wife’s consent against her will, and the matter may reach the husband until he threatens his wife with divorce if she does not obey him with what he wants, or the husband makes Persuading his wife to make it permissible with the wife's modesty from asking scholarsOn the Sharia ruling on this, where the Messenger - may God bless him and grant him peace - stated that the husband has to bring his wife from the front and from the back from the place of the boy's exit, and it is worth noting that the back passage is not the place of the boy's departure, but rather the place of the excrement of the wife, and the reason for the wife’s arrival From the back passage is due to some scenes that are shown in the forbidden pornographic films, and the prohibition ruling has several rulings, including: preserving the offspring, fulfilling the right of the wife to come to her in terms of God Almighty’s command, just as the position of the back passage was not made for that act, in addition to coming from the back passage The destination does not achieve nor enter all the water of the congested man as he is in the vulva, with the The need to make very difficult movements contrary to the human nature, with the man needing to receive the place of filth and ugliness in the face, and that is to remove the blessings of God Almighty, and to bring vengeance, with the lack of modesty among the perpetrators of it. [7]

The wife's rights over her husband

Make God married life based on love and compassion, tranquility and a mile of each other, where the Almighty in the said Holy Qur'an : (It is that He created for you mates from among yourselves to find repose in them and put between you affection and mercy in this are Signs for those who reflect) , [8] To achieve Affection, compassion, and a peaceful life, the principles and limits that guarantee this must be applied, including the fulfillment by each party of its duties towards the other party, and a statement of some of the wife’s rights over her husband comes: [9]
  • Hassan ten wife and treated kindly, where God Almighty said: (interpretation of the meaning) , [10] and is that venerate the husband to his wife and kind to her, and build on that intimacy and love increase between the spouses, consists Gulwbhma, with the rights of the wife 's performance, lack of injustice, and charity to And kindness to it, as evidenced by the hadith of the Messenger - may God bless him and grant him peace - when he said: (Your good is your best for his family and I am your best for my family, and if your friend dies, call him) . [11]
  • Educating the wife on matters related to religion, while urging and encouraging her to obey God , in the manner of counseling and discipline.
  • Justice between wives in the event of their polygamy, and in the case of the husband's inability to be fair among his wives, he must be satisfied with one wife, and heart justice is not required, because he is not able to do it, but the required justice is in matters that are capable of her, such as: overnight and alimony, and other things that are possible .
  • Ignore some mistakes that are not offensive to the law of God Almighty, by balancing good and bad.
  • Not to hit the wife on her face or insult her, and it is permissible to beat the wife if she is an outright wife, or she does not obey her husband, except that the beating must be preceded by good advice and remembrance of God Almighty and His Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, then abandonment is in bed, with no conversation, then it is Beating, and beating is not required.
  • Sitting with the wife and listening to her talk, where the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - was sitting with the mother of the believers, Aisha - may God be pleased with her - and listening to her conversation without getting tired of her or her speech.
  • The wife is allowed to leave when she seeks permission from her husband, and the husband is not permitted to prevent her from leaving except in the event of her fear, so it is not permissible to prevent the wife from visiting relatives or from the congregational prayer witnesses if she wants.

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